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Turn Your Backyard In a Delightful Doggy Paradise


Turn Your Backyard In a Delightful Doggy Paradise

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend. They are smart, loyal and lovable companions and as if that weren’t enough, dogs are actually great for your health. Research show that having a dog can reduce the risk of depression, improve heart and brain health and even contribute to a longer life. Plus, their stubbornness and clumsiness are super cute and give us the ultimate giggles. So what can you do to treat your furry friend besides showing love through endless cuddles and tasty snacks? – You can turn your backyard in a delightful doggy paradise. Create an awesome place for fun, games and zoomies and of course some comfortable lounging in the hot Australian sun. Believe me, your pup will be thankful.

A Safe Area

The first step you should take is ensuring safety. Your backyard should have a reliable fence that would keep your dog out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs escape. Fear of unknown people, loud noises, boredom, an intriguing new smell, or a good looking mate can tempt your dog to go outside. Out in the open, their adventurous spirit can lead them to danger. You need to do all you can as to avoid this scenario because your pet can get hit by a car, stolen or attacked by other dogs. If your dog feels scared or threatened, it might even attack someone. As you already know, dogs are smart creatures. They can get creative in finding ways to escape, digging below the fence, jumping over it, smuggling through gaps and even learning how to unlock the gate themselves. You should consider this when building or refurbishing your fence.


The next thing you should be aware of when creating a pet-friendly backyard is that some plants such as bluebells, azalea, cyclamen, and day lilies are poisonous for dogs. They can cause heart problems, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, weakness, and death. Protect your pup by double-checking whether the plants in your backyard are safe.

Fleas, pests, and snakes are another issue that needs to be tackled in order to create a safe environment for you and your dog. By keeping your yard tidy and your grass well trimmed, you can minimize the risk of snakes, and you can eliminate fleas by using a non-toxic repellent. You should always consult your vet before choosing an insect repellent for your pets.

Water and Shade


Doggies get thirsty quickly after fun activities, exciting play and zoomies. Even if they are the lazy type and enjoy lying around, there should always be cold refreshing water in the backyard to keep them hydrated, especially during the hot sunny days. Providing plenty of shade is also very important since overheating can cause heat exhaustion, a stroke or death. You can build a simple shelter or you can place an outdoor dog lounger in shade to let your puppy cool down.


You should provide enough space for running and playing. Even if it is a small backyard, keep a clutter free area, so your dog can enjoy outdoor physical activities. Another idea is to create tunnels, paths and hiding spots. Dogs are natural explorers, so a fun play area will keep them busy and satisfy their curiosity.

Outdoor Dog Bed


Get your pooch an outdoor dog bed and create a comfortable hideaway for lounging and naps. Choose an outdoor pet bed that is built tough and will be able to retain its shape over the years. A quality outdoor pet bed is easy to clean, portable and provides comfort and support. If you want to go a step further in creating a perfect place for snuggling, consider an outdoor orthopedic dog bed which can take pressure off sensitive areas and allow your dog to rest its head while it keeps an eye of its surroundings. It is also a good idea to consider buying an outside pet bed that is water-resistant and flea-free. It will keep pests and insects away and it won’t smell bad. An outside dog bed can significantly improve the life quality of your pet because lying on the ground is bad for the joints and can cause calluses. A pet bed is a safe-space that belongs to them only. They can curl up in their favorite position and nap unbothered.

Fun and Games


Doggies like to have fun. Regular exercises keep them happy and healthy. If dogs don’t get the proper amount of exercise, they can get depressed, bored and show destructive tendencies. Engaging in playful activities with your dog will also strengthen the bond between you two. Invest in some new dog toys, balls and ropes which might even save your shoes or your favorite pillow. Try out interactive games, play tug of war, Frisbee, or the old but gold play of fetch.

Fine Dining

Source: The vet shed Facebook Page

Your dog needs a separate space to enjoy its delicious treats and meals. If you place the food bowl in a busy area, it might feel anxious to finish the meal faster which can lead to digestive problems. Plus, dogs are messy eaters and you should both enjoy the backyard view. Pick an out of the way spot for your dog’s food bowl to ensure that it can eat in peace and you can easily clean the spot afterwards.

Potty Area

You and your dog could also benefit from a designated potty area. This spot needs to be easy to maintain, out of the way, and have the appropriate size for your breed. If you let your dog relieve itself anywhere it wants, it can ruin your backyard. Dog pee and poop will make your lawn look less attractive and it is definitely not sanitary.

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but friendship goes both ways. Turning your backyard into a beautiful doggy paradise is one way of doing something nice and kind for your pal. After all, dogs bring so much joy in our lives; they deserve to have some quality time.

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