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Collars for Cats – Why Use Them and What Are the Different Types?


Collars for Cats – Why Use Them and What Are the Different Types?

Even though it may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when buying or adopting a cat, getting a cat collar is of the essence when it comes to your feline friend’s safety. If you are an owner of an indoor cat, you probably think that your cat doesn’t need one,

however, knowing how tricky cats can be, there is always a risk that they could get out of the house, climb a tree and get hurt. If your pet is an outdoor one, then it’s highly advisable to purchase a collar in order to ensure its safety. The collar will contain your information so you won’t run the risk of losing your kitten. But, how can you know that the collar you want to buy is the right one?

Safety comes first!

Breakaway system collars for cats are quite popular because they are easy to place and easy to remove. The fact that they are specifically designed to open automatically makes them quite safe. The purpose of this feature is to prevent strangling or other injuries if they get caught where they are not supposed to (a tree branch or a fence, for example).

Comfort is a must

Look for a collar that is durable, affordable and comfortable to wear. In order to avoid choking or discomfort, make sure that it’s not overly tight or loose, so it can perfectly fit. The best way to check that your cat is comfortable is to put the collar on and wait for a reaction. Just make sure that she can breathe and move. Worry not about finding the best fit for your new pal, there truly is a great variety of collars for cats on the market today.

Pay attention to the material

There is a huge variety of different cat collars on the market, but the important thing is to choose one made from a lightweight material including scratchproof webbing. You can also talk to your vet so you can find out which materials are most comfortable and safe for your pet to wear all day long.

Types of collars for cats

Flea collars

We know that cats and dogs can be victims of a flea infestation, but don’t worry because we already found the solution. Flea collars (as their name implies) offer protection against fleas and ticks. They are infused with chemicals in order to kill them but won’t harm your pet and can offer you 8-month protection with no side effects.

Buckle collars

The design of these collars makes it easy to adjust the level of tightness (looseness) using a buckle harness. They come in different styles and colors and I am sure you can easily find one that will best fit your feline friend. These collars are best suited for indoor cats.

Personalized collars

If you want your cat to be unique, now you have the possibility to design yourself its collar by choosing the fit, the material finishes, and the color. This personalized tag can be ordered online or you can purchase it in the local pet store as well.

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