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A Guide to Choosing Safe Bath Toys for Your Toddler


A Guide to Choosing Safe Bath Toys for Your Toddler

While some toddlers may consider bathtime fun, there are also those kids who would rather do anything else and they’re going to let you know how they feel about it…with screaming and splashing and screaming some more. As a mother of a toddler myself, I have witnessed all that mess and because of that, I started looking for ways to transform the bathtime into a more enjoyable experience. What I found to be a successful method is using bath toys for kids.

There isn’t a toddler who doesn’t love playing with toys. By including them during bathtime, the toddler will look forward to taking a bath and it can become a routine of spending some fun time before it is time for bed. However, choosing bath toys for kids is not a simple task. Not all toys are safe for your little one, so you need to pay a lot of attention to what kind you are going to buy. Safety comes first and this is the first and foremost principle you need to be guided by. Here is everything you need to know before you buy bath toys.

Firstly, you should pay attention to quality. Most rubber toys that are squishy and have holes are prone to growing mold from the water. That is why you need safer and healthier alternatives. One such healthy choice of bath toys for kids are the rubberwood toys designed especially for bath time. Rubberwood is a great material which is durable, strong, tough and resilient. It is soft and resistant to fire and burns. Toys made of rubberwood are easy to clean, as all you need to do it to wash them with water and let them dry naturally.

In order to add an educational element, you can opt for a wooden toy boat set that can be fun and educational at the same time. Your child can learn about the properties of water and the structure of boats. Or, you can buy a wooden sea animal set which comes with sea animals in different shapes and sizes so the child can learn the names of the different kinds of animals.

Furthermore, you can choose a splash and pour set of toys as the sound and feel of splashing are great sensations for the toddlers. Thus, a perfect set would be a water landing net set which toddlers can use to experiment with and if they come with pierced bottoms, the kids can enjoy dumping, filling, reversing and create their own play in any creative ways they wish.

Finally, the benefits of using bath toys for kids are enormous. The play is an integral part of the social, mental, physical and emotional development of kids. Toys boost imagination, which is an important part of the kids’ play. Picking them with the hands, grasping them and creating a fantasy world around them is what makes the toddler engaged and interested. And while playing with their toys in the bath, they won’t realise how quickly the time has passed.

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