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The Beginners Bible: Introduce Kids to the Stories and Characters of the Bible

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The Beginners Bible: Introduce Kids to the Stories and Characters of the Bible

Wondering if there’s an easy and simple way to introduce your children to the stories and characters of the Bible? The Beginners Bible book is what you’ve been looking for. It is a story book written in simple language including colourful, eye-catchy pictures and concise text written in a manner so that children can understand it without any problem.

The book offers more than 90 stories about Jesus’s life, from His humble birth to His life as an adult as He teaches and preaches. Even if your children are at an age when they are still learning to read, they will surely enjoy the illustrations in the book which are vibrant, accurate and engaging. While the stories in the book are written for young children, they are actually great for older new readers as they provide enough information.

Unlike other Bibles meant for children, The Beginners Bible doesn’t spend much time on extraneous material – there are only two-pages ‘Getting to Know Jesus’ and four pages talking about the version of the Bible, and then you go directly to Genesis. At the end of the book there is also a short dictionary and a list of ‘150 famous Bible stories’ with verses.

As you know, the Bible stories tend to present serious and sometimes brutal content – rains of fire, floods, sacrifice, disfiguring disease, human torture, etc. If you are really looking for a way to introduce your children to your loving God, then this simple, colourful and entertaining book that has more emphasis on the wonders and miracles of God than the evil in the universe, is what you need.

Besides being one of the best ways to introduce your children to the Bible, the stories this book offers also make for great bedtime tales. When your children grow up, they will remember the happy moments they had with you as reading them stories will create memories that will last for a lifetime. This will make them remember what is good and bad, helping them to make the right decisions in life.

Overall, The Beginners Bible is a great book to teach your kids and introduce them to the majesty of God. With vibrant and engaging illustrations and a text that is appropriate for young readers, the book can also be the perfect present to give to your friends who have newborns. Although it is far from being a word-per-word excerpt from the Bible, it is surely a great version to familiarize your little ones with this sacred piece of literature.

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