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Bridal Shower Decor Ideas: How to Throw the Perfect Party

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Bridal Shower Decor Ideas: How to Throw the Perfect Party

Many pre-wedding activities occur before the big day, but few are as exciting as the bridal shower. This thrilling event is an opportunity for the woman of the hour to spend quality time with the most important woman in her life and prepare for her future as a newlywed. It’s a time when the bride-to-be’s female family and friends join together to congratulate her and assist her in preparing for marriage.

Hosting a bridal shower is a fun way to express your happiness for a loved one’s forthcoming wedding. You’ll need a lot of lovely decorations to make the occasion come to life. The decor you select will determine the mood, whether you’ve gathered a few friends to create a DIY event or are working with a professional planner.

How Do You Style a Bridal Shower?

We’re giving you some of our favourite suggestions for wedding shower decorations to help you organise a special occasion. Additionally, you’ll find design ideas for bridal showers that go with your theme and décor.

Choose a Theme

If the upcoming bride like “Bridgerton,” throw a tea party where attendees can don Queen Charlotte costumes. Throw a pool party or a barbeque in the backyard if she wants a more natural setting. A colour scheme, such as lovely in pink, rose gold, or animal print, could also set a theme. Knowing the bride’s likes and tastes is essential when picking a theme. Ask her if you need assistance. You may brainstorm a theme together, and then you can take control and decide on the ideal bridal shower decorations to go with it.

A Welcome Sign to Greet Guests

A welcome sign is a fantastic way to welcome guests and, if necessary, display place cards or seating arrangements. Signage is an essential display item for every event, be it a garden tea party or a drunken backyard brunch. And, while wedding showers are undoubtedly a chance to celebrate the bride, they’re also a good reason to shoot pictures. So, why not order a stunning welcome board for bridal shower events that doubles as a beautiful selfie to build a DIY photo booth?

Everyone will be more eager to take photos with a photo frame sign. It can support the style, add personality to the gathering, and communicate crucial details like the wedding date or the couple’s social media hashtag. Opt for floral illustrations on your welcome sign instead of fresh flowers. Real buds could wilt without consistent water if your event is outside. You may achieve the same luscious appearance with depicted blossoms without being concerned about wilting.

However, you can include flowers and incorporate a floral garland in your event day sign if you want to. Choose seasonal blooms in vibrant colours for spring or summer celebrations, such as hydrangea, roses, and delphinium. Highlight the bride-to-be’s name with buds while surrounding the whole scene with additional flowers. Golden butterflies are another natural design that will convey your theme and region.

Since not simply for birthday parties, the wedding industry is embracing balloon decorations to infuse colour and add texture to bridal shower signage. Decorate your welcome board for the bridal shower with a collection of inflated balloons in various colours, shapes, and sizes for a one-of-a-kind installation that stands out. Keep your wording in gold letters to prevent detracting from the centre focus of your wedding shower sign for an enormous display filled with peach, pink, and white hues.

When looking for bridal shower welcome boards online, search for a reliable store that offers personalised lifesize cutouts for a custom and convenient experience. Select your board, add your text online and don’t forget a hashtag to entice friends and family to share their photos on social media.

Make the Most Out of the Table Decor

Pay close attention to your table decorations if your bridal shower is a meal-centred event, such as a brunch or BBQ. For most of the celebration, the bridal party and guests will be seated at these tables, which makes table décor crucial. Making centrepieces is one method to have a significant impact. These can be edible centrepieces, flower arrangements, vases filled with foliage or party favours.

table decorations for bridal shower

For instance, you may recreate the look of a bridal gown by wrapping a glass vase in tulle and tying a ribbon an inch below the top. Use mason jars with pictures, string lights or old teapots filled with fresh seasonal flowers. Feathers are a wonderful touch to centrepieces as well.

Dress Up the Food

You might not consider food when it comes to decorating. However, messing with food in this way is advised! Have fun choosing the menu for your wedding shower. Consider ordering cupcakes with big diamond rings on top or quirky cake toppers that say things like “getting hitched,” “she said yes,” and “I do.”

As one of the bridal shower games, you might even involve the guests by holding a cupcake decorating competition. Provide pre-made cupcakes and a decorating kit to visitors, then watch what creative designs they can come up with.

Embrace Nature With Greenery

The most popular bridal shower decorations are greenery and flowers, but they can also be slightly more expensive than other decor items. Work with a floral wholesaler or utilise plants and flowers from your garden or a nearby meadow to reduce expenditures. Add ribbon, burlap, pearls, and other accessories to give floral arrangements a boho or regal appearance.

Choose greenery and blossoms in neutral tones for classy bridal shower celebrations, or stay with one additional colour for a striking appearance. Combine and contrast vibrant colours for holiday celebrations.

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