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Sex Lubricants: Give In To Pleasure

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Sex Lubricants: Give In To Pleasure

Enjoying sex with your partner is one of the loveliest things. And every side should feel great, content and carefree. However, people worry about many things when it comes to sex, such as safety, pregnancy, whether they look good in a certain position. One of the things that you shouldn’t worry about is dryness. It can happen to everyone and many factors can contribute to that such as stress, lack of foreplay, thinking if you’re doing things right and so on.

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Luckily, today you can find as many lubricants as you want to prevent dryness. And it’s important to feel free to use them. Buying a lubricant for sex should not be considered taboo – it’s meant for everyone and you shouldn’t feel guilty for using it. No matter what you think about lube, here are several things that would change your mind. So next time you’re in the drugstore or browsing an e-pharmacy, feel free to get one.

It Enhances Pleasure

Sex is about the pleasure of both partners. Sure, you have heard that you don’t have to orgasm every time, but you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting to experience that heavenly feeling from time to time (after all, we all crave it). And using lube is a great way to enhance your pleasure during sex, increasing the chances to experience an orgasm.


It’s quite a lovely thing to use in your foreplay and enjoy the sensation of cooling or warming wherever you apply it. You can also pick a lube in a flavour that you love and make oral sex super enjoyable for both of you. Some lubricants can even delay ejaculation, allowing the man to perform longer thus increasing the chances for the woman to experience an orgasm. When things go smooth, everyone will enjoy the pleasure.

There are no rules for using the lube, so feel free to use it even when you’re pleasuring yourself on your own. Some women like the tingling sensation and it could help them relax and explore their body even more. You can also introduce some lubricant when you’re using sex toys to stay connected in a long-distance relationship. Your partner will definitely love seeing you enjoying yourself the same way you do when they’re physically around.

Helps You Focus on the Act (Instead of Worrying About Dryness)

A sign of a woman’s arousal is her natural lubrication (the equivalent of men’s erection). This is an amazing way our bodies work, preparing us for the act, helping things go smoother and easier without pain.


During the foreplay, when the body gets sexual stimulation, the blood vessels dilate so more blood flows into the genital area and this blood helps vaginal glands and mucous cells to secrete fluids that would make sex more enjoyable and easier. However, sometimes women may require some time for this. What’s more, the body and the mind have to be on the same page for this to happen. In fact, if the mind is not following up, then it’s very much possible that dryness will occur.

This is not something to worry about, because it’s entirely normal. It has nothing to do with your partner or your attraction to them. Women simply (sometimes) need more time and attention. This is why focusing on foreplay is important. But if you’re super busy and have no time to focus on foreplay as long as you need, a lubricant can be of great help.

People already worry about many things when it comes to sex. Besides the normal things to worry about such as STIs and STDs, or pregnancy (if you aren’t ready to have a child), people worry about how they look, whether they satisfy their partner, whether they smell and so on. And many women tend to worry about dryness. If your main focus is on this during sex, things won’t go well. You will end up being not present in the moment, which isn’t the point if you want to enjoy the time spent with your partner. If you want to feel free of these thoughts, don’t hesitate to get a lubricant.

What’s more, some women can be more sensitive down there. And the increased sensitivity may trigger dryness to happen. Luckily, you can find lubricants that are specially made for sensitive women as well as lubricants that are made of hypoallergenic ingredients.

Excellent for Experimenting with Anal Sex

Everyone has thought about experimenting with anal sex at some point. It’s always good to try new things, however, you should first be prepared in order to avoid awkward situations or hurting yourself. Anal sex can be very enjoyable for both people when performed right. It’s completely different than vaginal intercourse, and one shouldn’t blindly jump into it.

oil based lube

This type of sex requires preparation and large amounts of the right lubricant. The vagina is an organ that lubricates itself naturally. That is not the case with the anus. Applying lube during foreplay and during anal sex (or if you use sex toys) helps things to go a lot smoother, easier and safer. Without it, you risk friction, pain and bleeding.

It Reduces Pain

Even if you’re not experiencing dryness, sex can sometimes be painful. Women are built differently down there and sometimes certain positions or sex acts can cause pain for some women. What’s more, women who haven’t had sex can find their first sexual experiences painful. In these instances, the soothing sensation a lubricant provides can be extremely helpful.

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Also, your partner won’t be nervous and stressed about the penetration if they’re causing you pain. Even just a small amount of lube is enough to get things going. When you’re relaxed and when things go easily, your body and mind will relax and follow, so your body will handle things on its own. Finally, there is no chance you will get addicted to it. You may get used to it but never addicted. Your body’s response to sexual stimulation won’t disappear just because you’re using lube frequently.

It Makes Sex Safer

Safety is crucial and not only in the form of birth control pills or condoms. Lube will reduce friction and will lower the risk of injuries during sex that can later lead to infections. What’s more, if you use a condom with your partner, it makes it less likely that it will break or fall off (which is something you don’t want). If you’re using latex condoms be sure to get water or silicone-based lubricant since other types may be the reason why the condom broke.

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