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Enhance Your Bedroom Fun: Use Lubes!

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Enhance Your Bedroom Fun: Use Lubes!

Have you ever given it a thought that maybe what your sex life is missing is a bit more lube to spice it up? Unlike other tools, like the variety of sex toys which you may or may not be a fan of, this is a tool you can’t miss out on.

People have counted on lubrication since antiquity, so it’s safe to say it’s not exactly a recent tool for great sex. What’s recent, however, is the great range of lubricants to choose from, a huge step forward to pleasure from the ancient olive oil and mashed yams repertoire.

Whether you’re up for adding some flavour to your fun between the sheets with flavored personal lubricants edible and made of certified organic ingredients to enhance taste and smell, or hot, cold, and tingling sensation, it’s up to you, just know there’s so much more than the plain unscented option.

What makes them the ideal tools for every play in the bedroom is they give you more possibilities to be creative and enhance the experience altogether. With the help of flavored personal lubricants you can have your own game of flavour mixing, a different taste every night guaranteeing to keep boredom away from your sex life.

Now, when it comes to the reasons why you should use lubes every time you have bedroom fun, the first one has got to be reducing the painful friction. Though women have natural vaginal lubrication throughout arousal, not every woman has enough of it so the sexual activity is enjoyable. Besides, it comes in handy when you switch to some anal play too.

Other than helping keep the vaginal skin soft, lubes are essential with foreplay and enhancing the sexual arousal. Translation? Easier orgasm! Take some time to explore each other’s bodies, taking as long as you need for foreplay applying your favourite lubricant to erogenous zones. The result is improved sex life!

If you had shower play in mind don’t forget to bring along your water-friendly lube. Just because it’s the shower it doesn’t mean water is going to help you with lubrication, on the contrary it has the opposite effect.

Since there are many options, it’s advisable to choose based on the ingredients as well as whether or not they have a sticky outcome, how quickly they dry out, whether they can be used with toys or condoms, and the ease of washing them off. Stay safe, have fun, lube away!

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