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Ways Adult Toys Help Women Learn More About Their Unique Sexuality


Ways Adult Toys Help Women Learn More About Their Unique Sexuality

I often think about the time I got my first vibrator; it was very awkward, very unpleasant, kind of disturbing too. Then again, I was young and curious, but not enough experienced. Also, I still believed in being considerate about other people’s opinions and reactions – damn that naive stupidity of mine. However, nowadays I enter the same shop for about once a month, just as soon as I get my paycheck and pay the bills. I get in, kindly salut the guy behind the counter and even talk to him about a sex toy that interests me and I am not quite familiar how to use. Yup, I have another approach now: I don’t give a damn thing about your opinion – do your job.

If you ask me what changed, I’d say that after using a vibrator for a while, a woman starts to discover certain feelings and pleasures from her own body. Where does a sensual touch feel most intense and which nerve is to be cuddled in order to make her go crazy. And while some courageous women do know how to ask from a man to explore all these things for them, for the more shy ones there’s a womens adult toys store where you can buy a number of orgasm-stimulating products to help you learn a thing or two about your own sexuality. Trust me ladies, you all need to go through that phase if you want to reach a point of knowing exactly what you want in bed from your sexual partner.

Sex matters

As much as we want to convince ourselves that it’s the soul we’re loved for, that’s partially true. The other half is the sex and how good it is. And to be completely honest, just like anything else in life, we learn how to be good lovers, passionate sexual creatures who know how to fire up the sheets. A good vibrator can help you learn a few techniques and lead you up to good sex as well as help you become the tigress in bed you should strive to become. So what are you waiting for? Start searching the womens adult toys stores and start filling your cart!

Good orgasms are guaranteed

Well okay, maybe not completely guaranteed, but definitely on the list of all the good things you’ll get. You can control a vibrator’s movements which will allow you to fully understand where your famous G-spot is, how much teasing it needs and generally the intensity you need to feel good while doing it. Once you master that, having sex with your partner will be far more exciting and rewarding!

Finally, who said that only a man can give you fun?

No, I’m not suggesting you replace you man with a vibrator or a dildo; far from that stupid notion. You still need a man for romance, for cuddling, for dirty moments and sex adventures and all kinds of super cool and kinky stuff to try out together. However, when he’s out of town, or playing football, or out with the guys or whatever, and you kind of feel in need of it… why not turn to your vibrator? Include him in the game too, regardless that he’s watching a game with a bunch of other guys in a cafe and probably sweating while reading your kinky text. Ah, all the great things a vibrator can do!

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