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Fuel Your Skating Passion with the Right Pair of Skates


Fuel Your Skating Passion with the Right Pair of Skates

Skating can be treated both like a recreational activity – a way to drop a few kilos with a few miles of riding a day, or, a professional sport – competing in parks or racing. Plus, it is an excellent way to make some new friends while at a skate park, but before you dive into this exciting adventure, you need a pair of high quality skates. There are two types you will generally find in a skate online shop – inline and roller skates. Depending on the way you intend to use them, one type may fit you better than the other. Let’s take a look at their features.

Inline Skates

These are generally divided into three categories depending on how you want to use them:

  • Recreational – This is the most common category and is recommended for everyone who wants a basic pair of skates. They’re excellent for rides in the park to burn some calories. They feature small wheels that enable high control and help you speed down allowing users to learn quickly and safely.
  • Performance Inline Skates – This type of skates can be found in almost every skate online shop as it is intended for people with an intermediate skill level, used in freestyle, recreational, slalom, urban and marathon skating. Smaller wheels work better in urban areas where you need to maneuver. Larger wheels work better when you need to travel longer distances and for longer time periods.
  • Urban Inline Skates – These skates feature a moulded plastic shell and larger wheels that allows them to be more controllable. Urban inline skates are recommended for people who already have some experience in skating and feel comfortable on inline skates.

Roller Skates

Just like inline skates are divided into multiple categories depending on the way they are used, roller skates are as well.

  • Recreational Roller Skates – These are high-top boots that provide excellent ankle support and dual cushions which allow the skater to turn and make edges easier. Depending on the fact whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors, they can have soft and wide wheels for outdoors in order to absorb uneven outdoor surfaces, or thin and hard wheels for indoors.
  • Speed Roller Skates – Some people enjoy the adrenaline rush they get from fast paced skating. There are specially designed skates that can provide speed and control for these types of situations. Speed skates usually come with low-cut shoes and a strap across for an extra ankle support.
  • Artistic Roller Skates – These are intended for dance and freestyle skating. They are designed to be light and have small wheels. Their soft rubber toe stop can be adjusted in order for the skater to make maximum height jumps. Proper ankle support is important and is provided for spins and jumps as well.

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