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Have Your Walls Speak Stories with Flower Wallpapers

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Have Your Walls Speak Stories with Flower Wallpapers

When trying to bring more life to the interior, we often look for the right pieces of art, such as sculptures, paintings and ornaments from far off lands. Finding the right pieces of furniture is another idea most people resort to, but what if you could create a striking change without having to compromise your summer or winter holiday and not spend a great deal of money? All this is possible with the mere addition of wallpapers in your home décor. They will give your home an instant makeover, and you’d be surprised why you didn’t think of this solution sooner.

Home Flower Wallpapers

The world of wallpapers is endless, with different patterns and colours for every taste, but if you want to bring more warmth to your interior then you should choose from the many flower wallpapers. Fans of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple have read and watched the stories, and if you are one of them, plus if you are passionate about the time of life in the 40s and 50s of the previous century, you’ve probably seen the influence of floral patterns in designs. You can bring the vintage flair of Miss Marple’s days with a wallpaper such as Floribunda – Empress Rose or one of Sanderson’s Chelsea choices. Wallpapers with floral touch come in all colours and they bring the beauty of nature so whichever the style of your home is, be it classical or modern, eclectic or minimalist, they can easily match with the décor and bring a positive vibrant atmosphere. No matter the season, your home will look blooming.

The great thing about flower wallpapers, since there is a vast variety to choose from, is you can use them in just about any room. Hanging them over your foyer walls will create an inviting atmosphere with the fresh colours and your visitors would instantly feel a positive vibe as soon as they make the first step in. You can add more personality to your living area by matching the floral wallpaper with cushions, curtains or rugs. Similarly, you can match napkins and towels in your kitchen, including decorating the inside of your cabinets with the same wallpaper.

Wallpapers can help make an accent wall in case you don’t want to experiment turning your whole living room floral. You can use them above the fireplace, considering it’s the focal point, or make a more intimate ambiance by using wallpaper for the ceiling. Hanging wallpapers is a great way to protect your walls, more so if you have kids who just love to use the wide surface as a canvas. Modern designs are made of materials with washable properties, they are easy to install and remove so there are plenty of reasons that can inspire you to start the search for your own floral wallpaper right now and have your walls speak pleasant stories.

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