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Cat Beds Buying Guide


Cat Beds Buying Guide

Cats love naps. In fact, they like sleeping so much, that they spend about sixteen to eighteen hours a day asleep. There is nothing to worry about if see your kitty constantly snoozing off since cats are nocturnal animals and hunt at night and rest during the day. And when cats sleep they love to snuggle up in a comfortable position on a soft surface. This is why they often get close to you so they can stay warm and nicely nestled.

While most cat owners love napping with their cat in their bed, you should consider buying yours a bed of its own. This way, you can keep your bed clean and avoid having cat hair all over. What’s more, regular beds for humans aren’t able to provide the sense of security, warmth and comfort felines crave. That said, here are the most important things to consider when exploring the range of kitten beds.

Choose the Right Size

Cat Bed Chinchilla

Picking the right size for your cat’s bed is the most important thing. Sure, cats are smaller than dogs and they don’t require anything too big, and this the crucial part. Anything too big can be unsettling for the kitten. Cats like to snuggle and be supported by a comfortable and soft bed. Very rarely they sleep with their legs stretched (only when it’s too hot). Most of the time they sleep curled with the tail under their head.

The best way to measure the size of the cat bed is to measure the cat size from the tip of the animal’s tail to their head. Add a few more centimetres and you’ll get a rough picture.

Another thing to consider is your cat’s behaviour. If your cat loves to stretch when it sleeps, the extra centimetres will give the animal enough space. For kittens that are still growing, choose a bed that would fit their full size, don’t buy a bigger one thinking that it’ll grow into it. When cats are still kittens, they want to feel protected (this is why you’ll often find your feline friend hiding in boxes).

What About Fabrics?

cat beds australia

Cats adore soft fabrics. These animals know exactly what they want and they want to cuddle and snuggle in a soft, cozy and pleasant bed. Their fur is enough to keep them warm, but the soft fabric under their paws will inspire them to start kneading. This is an instinct behaviour cats exhibit; they will start purring instantly. Kneading the soft fabrics is like an overture of their preparation to go to bed. Plush material with soft filling is the best choice for your kitten.

Heating & Comfort

Choose the Best Bed for Your Cat

Cats have originated from Africa and these animals love feeling warm. You may see them roll on their backs and have their paws up in the air (when they feel hot) but this doesn’t mean that your cat won’t say no to a warm and comfortable bed. The first instinct for a cat is to get warm as they fall asleep. This is why they curl their paws underneath them, roll their body or stick right next to the bed’s soft edges.

That said, choose doughnut or cave-shaped kitten beds where your cat can hide and snuggle in peace. This way your cat can become completely relaxed and peaceful.

How Easily Can You Wash It

You may come across self-cleaning pet beds, but they aren’t quite good when it comes to removing shedding hair or parasites. It’s best to get a bed with zippable covers so you can easily remove them and wash them. Seek beds made of materials that can be washed in a washing machine. Beds with spare covers may save the comfort of your cat when the other one is washing.

Teach Your Cat to Use The Bed

Cat Bed

Cats are very particular about new things. If your cat was used to sleep on the sofa or in bed with you, you may find it hard to teach it to sleep in its own bed. This isn’t because cats are mean or lack discipline. Cats simply don’t like things that smell ‘weird’. And weird means that it doesn’t smell like them.

If you’ve been a cat owner for some while, you have already noticed that your cat won’t just accept a new item, whether it’s a toy or a cat carrier for travelling. This will change when the cat ‘marks’ the new bed with its own scent. So, if your feline friend refuses to lie in the new bed, use a little trick; use a toy or your cat’s combing glove and place it in the bed. Her own scent will calm her down and soon the curiosity will kick in and she will start sniffing it.

Or, you can pick your cat up and place it into the new bed. Some cats will not be interested right ahead, but others will be intrigued by this new soft and plushy thing and will start walking in circles, kneading and even rolling onto it. So, the new bed isn’t a problem, the unfamiliar scent is.

Also, place the bed in a location you know the cat enjoys spending time. It could be right next to your bed, close to the sofa, near the fireplace or just right near the window where she loves basking in the sun. The bed should have a strategic position where the cat can have some privacy but still be able to spot you easily.

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