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Dog Tracking and Training Accessories


Dog Tracking and Training Accessories

One can be tempted to think that not much has changed in dog training over the years. Dogs have always been the same, haven’t they? And trainers know what to do to make a dog behave in a certain way. While that is all true, the field of dog training has drastically advanced in the past decade and technology is to blame, obviously.

Today, you can find a variety of technological means to make training easier: dog tracking GPS devices, training collars, electric fences, bark control collars, etc. Here are some of the most popular devices that can make dog tracking and training easier. They may be especially helpful if you’re training a hunting dog.

Dog Tracking Tools

Though not primarily developed to track animals, the range of commercially available handheld GPS devices can make dog training easier. The gear that is used to help outdoor enthusiasts (hikers, fishers, campers), mariners and drivers find their way through unknown terrain has important application in dog tracking too.

two men with handheld gps


Dog trackers work like any other personal handheld GPS, the difference being, they allow you to follow more than one dog at the same time and to do it from your wrist. To do this, you need to have compatible GPS device and dog collars (like for instance the Garmin Instinct watch and Astro 430 or Alpha 100 dog collars). Lightweight, but heavy duty GPS watches will show dogs’ names, directions (colour coded) and distance from you. The collars are connected to the handheld GPS device via bluetooth, and that’s where they get their data from. For this to work the dogs need to be within 30 meters from the handheld GPS.

An important thing to keep in mind: your software needs to be up to date. Once you have compatible programs, you can use the dog tracking app on your watch or other handheld device, and the screen will show you the data. Don’t forget to activate the ‘dog broadcasting’ feature so that data sharing can start.

Besides being practical for tracking dogs, these watches can also have a number of features you can use for yourself when jogging, cycling, mountain biking or hiking. By tracking your performance through the GPS indicator, you can have a clear picture as to your physical condition and endurance. They have SMART features too, and you can transfer data to and fro between different devices with ease. Look for units that have a GLONASS or Galileo global navigation satellite receiver that will provide you with the most correct directions.

The price tag on these things can be high, but given the value that you get is totally worth it. And, if you come across some attractive handheld GPS sales online before the holidays, you can get a really good bargain.

Dog Control Tools

Electric Fences

The best way to train a dog is by introducing boundaries. In the past such limitations could only be imposed physically. Now things have turned more virtual, but not less effective by any means. Take the concept of invisible dog fence for example. There are many benefits to having an electric dog fence, and the most apparent one is that there will be no visual clutter that comes with physical barriers. These ‘invisible’ devices are valuable in other aspects of dog training too.

dog standing on a grass in the garden


Training Collars

If you ever trained a dog, you’re aware that unpleasant dog behavior can be successfully modified by exposure to certain stimuli. For a dog that can be something as a low voltage electroshock, liquid squirting, a scent or ultrasonic, static stimuli delivered through a collar. This usually is helpful to stop unwanted behaviour such as excessive barking.

Unlike the tracking software which works same on each dog, there aren’t guarantees your dog collar will be a perfect fit. So you’ll have to embark on a short trial and error exercise to determine if your dog is more sensitive to citronella sprays or to ultrasonic emissions.

In technical terms, go for anti bark collar that has rechargeable batteries, an ample range (more than 100 meters) and is at least waterproof. High end models have automatic bark control functions which can apply stimuli according to programmed settings.

Static correction dog training collars usually have a greater range (more than 400 meters). They are easy to carry around, the stimuli can be adjusted and applied within this middle range training. Even the duration of the sound that is to deter unwanted behavior can be modified to suit the training goals. Warnings sounds can be issued too, that is the level dog training has come to these days.

dog with tracking collar outdoor


Buying Advice

In order for dog training to be successful and make it easier for you, you will need to employ a comprehensive system that will cover many methods of dog tracking and training. When you add the rates for all these tools up, you’ll have a significantly high bill. However if you approach your buying strategically, you can significantly reduce the strain on your budget.

Find a well-stocked online store selling the dog tracking and training supplies needed, and regularly check for any sales or discount deals. Nowadays, there are even Apps that track prices and can inform you when a particular item is on sale. So, instead of endlessly searching for dog fences, anti-bark collars and handheld GPS sales online, you can just track how the prices change on your smartphone and wait for a good deal.

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