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How to Choose the Best Pedicure Chair for Your Salon

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How to Choose the Best Pedicure Chair for Your Salon

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If there’s anything to help you create a comfortable salon environment where your customers will feel cozy while getting a pedicure, that would be a nice pedicure spa chair. If you’re about to start searching for the perfect pedicure chair for your salon, we’re sure that you’ll come across a wide range of different types offering a plethora of different functionalities and features. If you have no idea what option would be ideal for your salon, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Types of Pedicure Chairs

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First things first, before you decide to explore the wide range of pedicure chairs on the market, it’s essential to get to know the different types and choose one that is the most convenient for your salon. Generally, these pieces of equipment can be divided into three categories: plumbing chairs, no-plumbing chairs and portable chairs.

Plumbing Chairs

plumbing chair for pedicure
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Plumbing chairs for pedicure are stationary and fully plumbed to the building’s plumbing system. Hence, they aren’t much recommended, since the nail technician should physically fill and remove the water in the removable pedicure bowl. On top of that, the pipes running in and out of the chair are very hard to clean and sanitize, and technically impossible to do so after each of your clients.

On the other hand, if not properly sanitized, the pipes can grow bacteria from residues such as dead skin and nail pieces. Therefore, this can be a cause of infections which can ruin your salon’s reputation. So, make sure you’re careful with these chairs.

No-Plumbing Chairs

no plumbing chairs
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On the other side of the horizon, no-plumbing chairs are pipe-less. In other words, they don’t feature an internal piping system that should be connected to the building’s plumbing, but they work based on jet systems. This way, the water flows into the basin instead of the other pipes, making it completely drained after each customer.

These chairs are the more recommended option, as they can be fully sanitized and don’t possess any risk of infection. On top of that, they can be connected to a drain or emptied by using a portable drain pump.

Portable Chairs

Finally, if you’re looking for something that will spare space in your overcrowded nail salon, or you’re dealing with a small space that can’t accommodate a large and bulky chair, portable models are also available on the market. Except for that, a portable pedicure chair will spare you from the many problems with the plumbing chairs such as unsanitary space for your clients, complying with building codes and the speed to set up and use.

portable chairs
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Opt for a Comfortable Chair

A pedicure chair should always be a comfortable and cozy space so your clients can relax while getting pedicure services. At this point, experts advise considering your clients’ age, mobility challenges, feet size and leg length. And since you can’t choose a perfectly tailored chair for each of your clients, it’s best to go for an adjustable model.

For instance, chairs featuring a seat and a back that can be adjusted and reclined are a great option. Also, some chairs can feature adjustable arms and footrests that can be lifted to make it easier to get in and out as well as more comfortable to sit while receiving the treatment.

Salon pedicure chairs shouldn’t only be tailored to your client’s needs, but they should offer some amount of comfort for the technicians too. For instance, a pedicure chair that will make a technician bend over, struggle to reach or make them uncomfortable in any other way will only lead to poor service, and therefore, unsatisfied clients. Also, the chair should be comfortable for two technicians at once if you want to offer dual services in your salon.

Does it Have Special Features?

Some pedicure chairs for sale you’ll come across on your buying journey will offer some additional special features to make the pedicure experiences even better.

For instance, some models are designed like specialized massage chairs that are equipped with all the essentials for pedicures. Such chairs are great to give your salon a differential value over your competitors and provide your customers with an ultimately relaxing experience while getting services. In addition to elements providing massage, some chairs can also feature heating elements that are perfect for the cold winter period or a jet system that delivers a soothing foot massage.

When it comes to the technicians, except for a stool, they’d appreciate additions such as manicure trays and supply drawers to help do the job faster and more efficient.

Also, have in mind that chairs for pedicure are a lot like cars- they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. So, before you make a purchase, it’s best to ensure that the manufacturer has good customer service and will be able to provide you with replacement parts in the future. This way, you’ll spare yourself much time for searching for parts if something goes wrong and have your pedicure chair always ready for your clients.

Get a Gorgeous Design

Your beauty establishment should always have a welcoming and pleasant ambience for everyone- the staff and the clients. Hence, cheap and unprofessional equipment can only ruin the aesthetic and the overall impression of your salon.

Gorgeous design of pedicure chairs
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This is why it’s best to choose all your equipment, including your chair for pedicure around one main colour or main design theme. For instance, high-end luxury models may naturally have a higher design aspect, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish a professional salon appearance and stay within budget. Luckily, you can always find cheaper chairs for pedicure that come in a bunch of different designs featuring one or multiple colours and patterns, so make sure you choose one that suits the overall theme and colour palette of the salon.

Now that you know every aspect you should take into consideration, don’t wait to hit the market and explore the endless range of pedi chairs for sale. You’ll see how it will turn your salon into a more pleasant space where your clients enjoy spending time.

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