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Treating Dry Skin and Eczema: Tips for Choosing the Best Moisturizing Cream

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Treating Dry Skin and Eczema: Tips for Choosing the Best Moisturizing Cream

Dry skin and eczema are among the most common skin conditions a lot of people suffer from. And as much as people having dry skin are much more prone to eczemas, this skin condition can also be caused by a bunch of other factors – from irritants such as soaps and detergents, different skin infections, allergens such as pollen, mould and dust mites to being exposed to stress on daily basis.

However, even though there’s a vast variety of skincare products for treating these conditions, have in mind that not all of them are equally created. In fact, eczemas and dry skin overall require a good moisturizing cream to give your skin relief and regenerate the skin’s tissue. So, if you are looking to buy the best moisturizer to treat your dry skin or eczemas, we’ve gathered some tips to help you.

Choose a Reputable Brand

kenkay cream

One of the best premium brands on the market – Kenkay has been offering skin care products and solutions for more than 25 years now. And even though this local brand grew and developed over time, their mission to offer simple and no-fuss care for your skin did not change. Luckily, their range of products for targeting dry skin, eczemas and dermatitis have expanded over time, giving you the opportunity to choose from the various creams, moisturizers, cleansers, make-up removers and shaving creams, suitable for your skin type.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer, don’t hesitate to get a Kenkay aqueous cream for treating your dry skin and eczema. This cream is completely soap and fragrance-free and can be used in a variety of ways. From being a total body cleanser suitable for all skin types and alternative for removing make-up, to convenient shaving cream for face, legs and underarms.

Besides the Kenkay aqueous cream as the most popular option, you can also go for the Kenkay Sorbolene collection of moisturizers, face and body cleansers and soap replacements which are based on vegetable glycerin that is completely vegan friendly. Not only are Kenkay’s products manufactured in Australia to help people in our land get rid of annoying eczema, but they also aren’t tested on animals and do not harm our environment.

Check the Label for Ingredients

Truth be told, different brands and manufacturers use a bunch of different ingredients for making moisturizers and creams for dry skin and eczema, and not all of them are equally suitable for your skin. This is why it’s very important to carefully read labels and choose something that will work for your condition. According to doctors and dermatologists, make sure you look for the following couple of ingredients:

Purified Water

You probably know about the importance of drinking water to prevent dehydrating your body and your organism. The same applies to your skin, as dry skin and eczemas need to be properly hydrated and moisturized to provide a healing environment.

More specifically, purified water’s main role is to act as a solvent or carrier to deliver active ingredients where they’ll be most effective and beneficial for your dry skin and eczemas. In addition to this, water needs to be purified to ensure that it is free of toxins, pollutants and microbes that can get in touch with your skin and damage the fragile area even more.


Dimethicone in creme

Dimethicone is one of the most important ingredients in creams for eczemas, as it’s responsible to make the moisturizer “slip” upon the application and letting you spread it easily. On top of that, dimethicone is coating the skin to help reduce water loss and provide the skin with softness and coverage from external influences. Besides eczemas, dimethicone is also used for creams and moisturizers for dry, itchy and rough skin.


Glycerin in cream

Glycerin has been a very widely used agent for moisturizing throughout history. And it’s not surprising at all, considering the wide range of benefits it can bring to your skin, especially if you’re struggling with eczemas. This is due to glycerin being a very powerful moisturizer that helps your skin absorb moisture from the air. More specifically, it acts as a humectant- a substance that preserves moisture that stops the water in your skin from getting evaporated.

These powerful properties aren’t only effective for keeping your dry skin and eczemas moisturized, but glycerin is also widely used for treating aged skin, acne and blackheads.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very powerful ingredient that is contained in many of the skin moisturizers for treating eczemas. This is due to vitamin E’s properties that alleviate dryness, itchiness and flaking associated with eczema and atopic dermatitis. For this purpose, besides for topical application, many doctors would also recommend taking oral vitamin E supplements, as they increase the effectiveness of topical moisturizing agents.

Zinc Oxide


Zinc oxide is the ultimate agent that is loaded with powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that have been shown as very careful for treating skin eczemas and infections. On top of that, zinc oxide also features natural micronutrients that help control itching and prevent red rashes all over your skin. This is why except for eczemas and dry skin, zinc oxide is a common ingredient in treatments for injuries, sunburns and other damages.

Eczema Triggers that Should Be Avoided

sunscreens made for the face

Even if you get the most effective moisturizer, it would be in vain if you don’t avoid the most common eczema triggers that constantly irritate your skin. For instance, chemicals such as the ones in cleaning agents, air fresheners and perfumes are eczemas’ greatest enemy. Hence, it’s best to use gloves when cleaning and avoid exposing your fragile area to fresheners, perfumes, scented candles and any harsh detergents that can irritate it even more.

Besides chemicals, eczemas can also become more irritated by some synthetic clothing fabrics such as polyester, nylon and rayon, as they can make the area sweaty and prevent it from staying moisturized. On the other hand, breathable fabrics such as cotton won’t only be gentle to your skin, but they’ll also let the air circulate and keep the area moisturized.

Finally, make sure you don’t expose your skin to direct sun, as it won’t only dry it out even more, but it’ll also “suck out” the entire moisture from your affected area. So, when you need to go out in the sun, it’s best to cover your skin with a mineral sunscreen that contains eczema-friendly ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Sunscreens made for the face are also a good option, as they’re more gentle to the skin while still providing good levels of protection.

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