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How to Choose the Right Hat for Your Face Shape and Fashion Sense

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How to Choose the Right Hat for Your Face Shape and Fashion Sense

Fashion trends come and go but they give inspiring ideas that can help you style up your outfits to perfection, making heads turn. The fabulous world of fashion is quite versatile and tricks and tips on the matter such as how to wear skirts with sneakers, which style of dress looks best with a vest, and similar, are always welcome. But for a unique and eye-catchy outfit, adding the right fashion accessories can make all the difference. Introducing the ultimate hit in the world of fashionistas – hats for women. These are the perfect fashion accessory that can be worn on both casual and more formal occasions.

When styled the right way hats can definitely complement your personal style and give more dimension to the entire outfit. However, they can be tricky to wear and combine as one type and style may look great on someone but you may not find yourself comfortable while wearing it. For that reason, the key for a well-balanced and stylish combination is finding a model that suits your style and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it. The Internet offers an array of options and you can find different designs of hats for women online with just a few clicks. To help you score the best deal in this article we will go over all the things you should know about choosing the right hat style.

wide brim hat

When on the look for the perfect hats for women online, the first step is to choose models that will compliment your facial features. In other words, the shape of your face will the determine the shape of your hat.

Long or medium fedoras or trilby models have a design that best suits women with circle or round shaped face. The key here is to achieve length so it is important to avoid rounded hats as these can enhance even more the round shape of your face.
For those with a square face, cloches and floppies are the right accessory. The important thing here is to soften the features, thus as long as the hat has a curved design you are good to go.
Medium length hats that feature shorter angles and brims are the best choice for heart shaped faces. An essential thing in this case is to give the forehead a more narrow appearance and fedoras have just the right shape that can help you achieve this.
Women with an oval face shape are really lucky because practically any style of hat suits them.


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