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Cosmetic Dentistry: When Art and Dentistry Combine

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Cosmetic Dentistry: When Art and Dentistry Combine

If you’ve ever wondered what the works of art in dentistry would be like, look no further than cosmetic dentistry. Unlike in the past, when people didn’t have many options when it came to restoring their beautiful smile, or getting a beautiful one instead of their not-so-pearly and even whites, nowadays there’s no need for worry.

This is the type of dentistry that values the aesthetics as much as it values functionality and health. In this sense, a cosmetic dentist is a restorative dentist and artist at the same time, relying on the use of a variety of techniques, materials, and concepts of the ideal smile designs, to give you the results you’re looking for, restoring your smile, and self-confidence.

Mind you though, restorative and cosmetic as terms aren’t to be used interchangeably, because the cosmetic dentist doesn’t just restore your smile, but goes beyond that to get the ideal outcome by paying attention to the smallest of details. Taking this into consideration, the services this dentist offers range from mere tooth whitening, and invisalign, to veneers (bonded, and porcelain), and crowns.

Upon consultation, you can expect to discuss the beauty of your smile, what you want to be changed, or fixed, as well as discuss the overall oral health, and functionality. In some cases, such as those of missing teeth, in-depth oral exams might be necessary to determine health issues, if any.

Depending on the procedure you require, the number of visits can vary. For instance, in the case of teeth whitening, and the methods the dentist chooses, it’s something that you can do at home by yourself, whereas the more complex treatments with veneers and crowns, as the solutions for broken or missing teeth, require more work to come up with a natural tooth structure and colour.

Then again, there are also those more affordable alternatives like the porcelain bridgework, replacing missing teeth while attached to the natural teeth. In the case of fillings, the easily spotted outcome, differing in colour, has been replaced with natural-looking tooth-coloured fillings, including inlays and outlays depending on the materials they are made of.

A more permanent and costly solution for missing teeth is the use of implants, which also have their effects on preservation of the jawline as they serve as entire teeth, including the root, due to their titanium root design, and the natural-looking crown that’s attached to it.

In the case of misshaped teeth, instead of the unsightly metal braces, dentists provide invisalign so there’s no worry it would ruin your appearance. Chipped teeth can be fixed with composite bonding. Whatever your problem might be, arrange an appointment, discuss the possible solutions, and prepare to be amazed with your dazzling smile.

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