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Fondness of Tea – A Little Bit of All about These Herbal Helpers

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Fondness of Tea – A Little Bit of All about These Herbal Helpers

It has been scientifically proven that the food and drink choices we make directly affect our health and overall well-being. We truly are what we eat, so we need to make healthy choices as much as possible and try not to mess with our health as the consequences can be devastating. Although food is considered as the main source for obtaining the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for our body, beverages like herbal teas are another source of good nutrients we can make use of. Inexpensive, tasty and versatile, if consumed on a daily basis, herbal teas can provide us with a range of nutrients and health benefits. But before we see the benefits, let’s see what exactly is a herbal tea.

Herbal tea or also known as tisane is a beverage that can be made through the process of decoction or infusion of herbs, spices or any other type of plant in hot water. Dating back to ancient times, herbal teas have been used as one of the main beverages, always considered tasty, enjoyable and beneficial at the same time. They were used as a part of healing processes and their powers were especially evident when combined with different herbs and spices.

Except for their soothing properties, great taste and incredible smell, herbal teas can provide your immune system with numerous beneficial effects and can help with the treatment of various types of health issues. The key is to find the right type of herbal tea for your specific needs.

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According to many studies, it has been proven that peppermint tea is great for improving digestion. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, peppermint tea can help with diarrhoea problems and can relieve any type of pain in an upset stomach. According to many studies, it has been proven that peppermint tea can also have positive effects on the gastrointestinal tract and anaesthetic and analgesic effects and can be a great stress reliever. A great proof of its powers is that peppermint has also been used since ancient times as a remedy for infantile colic, hay fever, headaches, stress, memory problems, etc.

When it comes to detox, nothing beats dandelion tea. It has been used since ancient times by Persians for improving digestion and liver function. If consumed regularly, this ‘wonder tea’ can expel kidney stones while being the perfect way to detox your body. Thanks to the useful compounds (sesquiterpene lactones) present in its roots, this type of tea is great for cleaning the liver and enhancing the overall digestion by increasing the production of bile (the digestion juice).

Except for peppermint, turmeric tea has also been considered as one of the best natural memory boosters, and one that can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, studies also show that India has the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease and it is believed that turmeric is the one to blame for that.

It is believed that some type of herbal natural teas can also induce relaxation which is extremely important for us people living in this modern era. The busy and stressful lifestyle tends to wear us down and finding time to unwind and relax sometimes seems impossible, so the best and most affordable way to relax every day is by drinking chamomile tea. Chamomile can relieve stress and tension significantly, inducing a feeling of relaxation and a peace of mind which is exactly what we all need.

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