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How to Choose the Right Playpen for Your Dog


How to Choose the Right Playpen for Your Dog

The moment you decided to become a pet parent, you became responsible for another life. Dog pets can be incredibly loyal friends. They can feel your love and care and respond to it back with loyalty, affection, and obedience. Besides everything else, caring for a dog pet can bring positivity into your life.

Moreover, everyone feels good when doing something for somebody; we feel of service and that our lives matter. But humans are complicated creatures, and most often, they don’t value what you do for them. This will never happen with your dog. They become quickly attached to you and grow more and more affectionate towards you with time. Many people prefer the company of their furry pals to humans.

But caring for your dog comes with its ups and downs. You need to be willing to ensure they have proper food and a place to live and provide them with regular veterinarian checkups and daily walks. Does it sound like a lot to you? Well, for many who lack time and resources, caring for another creature may seem like a task they cannot handle. However, true pet lovers will do all these activities with pleasure. When it comes to providing for your dog all the necessities he needs, there is one aspect that many dog owners decide to include: a proper playground pen. 

What Are Dog Pens Used For?

Dog in a dog pen

A dog pen offers your dog a safe playground for them to keep exploring when you cannot supervise them. They are also big enough to put your dog’s food and water bowls inside, as well as your dog’s favourite play tools. But how do you know what type of pen to choose for your dog? Considering the wide range of dog pen options, you might be confused about which one to choose.

Consider the Different Dog Pen Materials

There is a diverse range of playpens on the market. When shopping for one for your dog, you need to consider what kind of materials you prefer the pen to be made of. Most often, the material you pick dictates the design and the purpose of the pen. The most common materials used for making dog pens are metal, wood, and plastic. 

Metal Pens

Metal pens are the most expensive of all as they are more durable and quality than some other fabric types, such as those made out of plastic. Metal pens are often made from galvanized stainless steel. You can use them either indoors or outdoors. They are easy to assemble as they come with ground anchors, making them perfect for outdoor use. 

Still, you need to be aware of some poor constructions as these can harm your dog. For instance, some metal pens can have sharp points that come out at the end of the wire, which can cause your dog pet to hurt himself. Therefore make sure you pay a thorough inspection on the pen before placing your dog inside.  

Plastic Pens

Compared to them, plastic pens are much cheaper. They are made out of a durable poly-blend with a chrome-plated steel bar door. They also feature ventilated side panels and a leak-proof bottom. When it comes to the maintaining aspect, they are easy to keep clean. Plastic dog pens are commonly used for travel and transportation as they can be found in a range of smaller sizes suitable for small puppies. Moreover, heavy-duty moulded plastic won’t rust, making them ideal for both outside and inside.

Wooden Pens

When it comes to aesthetics, wood is the most attractive material. Pens made out of food look nice, but they are more challenging when maintaining as they may absorb messes and odours. Besides, wood is more susceptible to chewing and scratching, which can cause damage to the wood surface, eventually impacting its look. However, these are all normal behaviours of dogs who undergo crate training.

Choose a Pen Size that Suits Your Dog’s Age 

dogs in a play pan

Consider your dog’s age and size. Some breeds don’t grow after a certain period; therefore, choosing a small or medium-sized dog pen can be a great fit. Moreover, if you place your pen outdoors, you need to pick a design that features a taller structure at least 180cm, which won’t allow your dog to jump off the fence and stop other animals from jumping in. 

Also, if you have a small dog, have in mind that your puppy is still growing, so you may opt for a bigger size than his actual size. This means choosing an adequate size of a pen that will allow your dog to comfortably sit, stand, and lie down inside its pen. The pens should never be perceived as a place of punishment but rather a comfortable environment where they can get treats, play, and enjoy their privacy and comfort.

Safety Features

Taking care of your dog’s safety should be your primary concern. Therefore you need to choose both sturdy and attractive designs that will keep your pet safe and won’t let the dog escape with ease. However, god pens aren’t supposed to be used for an extended period as these can create your dog to become bored and start creating some bad habits, such as chewing and chasing their tail or whining to be left out. Therefore make sure you consistently reward their good behaviours and let them outside whenever you have time to supervise them. This will strengthen the bond between you two, as your dog can feel you care just as much for his happiness as you do for his safety.

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