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The Whole Story of Buying Dog Shoes for Your Pet


The Whole Story of Buying Dog Shoes for Your Pet

When you embark on the pet journey by adopting a dog, you know you’re in for lots of fun. It doesn’t take long for them to become part of your family, especially if you acquire the essential pet products to make a pup’s homecoming smooth. As they grow to be your constant companions, you can’t imagine doing anything alone or going anywhere without them – even if it means flying with your furry pal.

No matter where you two go together, you know you’d do your best to protect your beloved pet and get all the affection and loyalty in return. And this includes getting the proper protection for your Fido when out and about in the form of shoes.

Why Are Dog Shoes a Must?

Labrador wearing dog shoes

Years ago, they wouldn’t have even made the list of supplies at all, least of all basics, but things have changed after the benefits from such accessories became apparent. Same as us, dogs feel the cold in winter, and if you notice your pet immediately picking up its paws to lick them when outside, it’s a good sign you ought to buy adequate dog shoes for winter that offer insulation and warmth.

In cases of particularly harsh weather, there’s even risk of the skin cracking and ending up in infections without the booties. Moreover, there’s also the fact that sensitive paws need TLC when your dog is walking on roads that can easily get hot or even slippery when wet.

Getting the required booties means you cut down the risk from unwanted injuries by exposing the delicate skin to the elements, and as a result cutting down the visits to the vet’s. The right design of dog boots also offers utmost support and traction which are benefits that are especially handy for elderly dogs struggling with finding their balance.

Adding the needed grip, they’re ideal for preventing slipping accidents as well as making walks far more comfortable be it outdoors or at home. The safety and protection aside, the booties can be fancy, and let’s be honest, many owners are only too happy to keep their furry pals up to date when it comes to fashion trends.

Lastly, such footwear is the solution to your muddy floor woes and problems when you get back home with Fido after its fun in potholes. No need to rush into the mudroom or wash – simply remove the boots before entering the home and you get a spotless interior, free from all the dirt and germs.

What to Consider When Shopping for Dog Shoes?

pink dog shoes

While years ago it was unthinkable to dress up our pets, let alone get them their own shoes, things are quite different nowadays. Which is why there are so many options of dog shoes for winter at the pet stores. To be able to say you’ve made a wise purchase, besides looking at the price tags, it’s necessary to consider the size, as well as useful features to ensure utmost comfort.

The Size

You can’t imagine wearing the wrong shoe size, can you? Well, neither can your dog. Getting a size that’s bigger than needed means losing a shoe along the way, whereas a smaller one would guarantee a day spent in discomfort – so much so, your beloved furry friend won’t be able to accompany you on your rough terrain adventures as planned.

To make matters easier for you, it’s advisable to find the stores that offer designs of dog shoes in various sizes, and provide the required measuring instruction charts. As a safe method, it’s recommended to always measure up their paws while standing and never when lying down to get the correct size and perfect fit.

The Features

blue dog shoes

Comfort and protection are both absolute musts when acquiring suitable dog shoes for winter so it’s imperative to pay attention to features like waterproofing in the form of a resistant yet lightweight and breathable outer layer. This way you take care of your responsibility which is keeping your pooch safe and sound, no matter whether you’re walking through the snow or rain.

In case you love to hunt together, trek or explore the wilderness, you’d probably want to get the design that’s made for all sorts of weather and terrains, be it the hot pavements and sands, the thorny mountain trails, or the snowboarding slopes. Features such as rubber soles and double Velcro straps are ideal for grip and protection, as well as all-day wear.

Moreover, some brands take things even further by providing safety and protection during poor lighting conditions by using reflective strips that increase the dog’s visibility. What this means is quality is in the details, so don’t overlook anything.

Now, if you want to buy a design that’s less rigid than the rough-terrain ones, you’d do well if you choose a more indoor-friendly model like mitten-shaped slippers with stretchy leg cuffs, neoprene upper lining, and soft fleece inner lining. All features that promise cosiness!

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