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Latex Mattresses: The Key To a Good Night’s Sleep

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Latex Mattresses: The Key To a Good Night’s Sleep

Two weeks ago I decided it was high time I changed my old, worn-out double mattress. I guess, since we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, it’s only logical to invest in it. Although mattresses can be quite the investment, considering how much it affects one’s health.

But luckily, I stumbled upon a great offer! I accidentally found a variety of latex mattress for sale in a store that offered high-quality mattress products. Apparently, most latex mattresses are 100% natural since they’re made of the latex vessels under the bark of the rubber tree (there are some manufacturers that combine both organic and synthetic materials), they are anti-microbial and perfectly sustainable. Plus, the latex material is hypoallergenic, which means it’s great for allergy sufferers like my husband and for anyone with respiratory problems.

Latex Mattress 2

However, buying the right mattress was not the simplest task. Even though one can find the perfect latex mattress for sale options, there are still so many things to consider when buying a mattress and one of them (and probably the most important) is its size. Obviously, mattresses can’t be adjusted to every bed frame, so measuring your bed frame is the first step. Many people neglect the size of the mattress in the name of other features and only after the purchase they realize that size matters a lot.

Firmness is yet another important feature to consider. Just like any other type of mattress, latex mattresses also offer various levels of firmness, ranging from the very soft ones that give you a sinking feeling, to the extremely firm ones for those suffering from back pain. However, don’t fall for the common confusion: firmness doesn’t mean hardness. Firmness represents the quantity of material used for the making of the mattress, so the more material is used, the firmer the mattress is. Hardness, on the other hand, is the resistance that you feel once you press the mattress.

Finally, you should decide if you want to go all natural or half natural half synthetic since normally all stores offer these two options. But keep in mind, a natural/synthetic blend of latex mattress isn’t necessarily inferior compared to an all-natural latex mattress and actually most quality manufacturers will go on producing both types due to their desire to achieve the perfect mattress regarding firmness, hardness and of course, comfort.

Happy finding a mattress supreme to get you to the land of dreams!

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