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Reasons to Buy Djeco Toys for Your Little Ones


Reasons to Buy Djeco Toys for Your Little Ones

People who have noticed how concentrated children can get while they’re trying to fit a square block into a square hole or when catching a ball in mid-air, know that playtime isn’t just about fun and games. Toys stimulate kids’ developing brain, which is why they should be chosen wisely.

kid playing with Djeco Toys


Although there is an infinite range of toys available on the market, only a few of them are rooted in core play patterns that comes from basic human behaviours. The not-so-great toys (high-tech toys) are inherently limited to one or two play patterns while the best toys (wooden toys, for example) appeal to a variety of play patterns like collecting, modelling, inventing, storytelling, etc., over a range of ages and developmental stages. One very popular brand that offers this kind of toys is Djeco.

Why Choose a Djeco Toy?

Djeco is a Frech toy brand that offers a huge range of really high quality and undeniably beautiful toys. What sets them apart is the style of their wooden toys, games and arts and crafts sets. Their specialized team of illustrators and designers work together to produce wooden toys that are inspiring and appeal to children. Djeco is renowned worldwide for the whimsical flair they bring to their high-quality and innovative products. The range of Djeco’s wooden toys can awaken your child’s sense of wonder, enrich their imagination and make them want to continue to discover things around them.

The company has chosen wood to produce their toys due to the benefits the material provides to children. Why are wooden toys better? Just like with skin goodies, when it comes to babies, it is recommended to stick to natural products. The same goes for toys since the kid will be in frequent contact with them. Plastic contains chemicals and toxins that you don’t want anywhere near your child. Plus, they can break easily, potentially leaving sharp edges and small parts that may harm your kid. Wooden toys don’t pose such risks and are even safe for babies.

Every year, Djeco produce not only one, but three catalogues: one dedicated to their creative art and craft sets, one to toys and games and one to bedroom decorations. Here are some of the most popular products from each catalogue.

Djeco Toys


Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Djeco offers a wide range of toys and puzzles for younger children, the colourful Stacking Cubes being one of the favourites. Made from reinforced cardboard, the cubes are ideal for when babies begin to enjoy knocking towers down as they won’t hurt them. As they grow up, they will learn to stack the cubes themselves as well as pack them back into each other. Another popular option is the Topanifarm, which is a wonderful set with lots of play value. It includes boxes of different colours, which can be stacked or used as homes for the animals that are also included on the set. A lot of skills can be learned with this great set like stacking the boxes on top of each other, knocking over towers, putting the animals on the right houses, making the noises of the animal, learning to count and recognize numbers, etc.

Another popular option is the Djeco Geoform set, which is a simple fold-out case that contains magnets in different shapes, colours and sizes. The set comes with picture cards for children to copy but more creative children can create their own designs. Children at 2 years and older kids love making pictures and patterns with this toy. It is a great option for passing time in waiting rooms or restaurants as it can be folded up and has a useful carrying handle.

The Djeco bedroom wall stickers are a fabulous addition to any children’s bedroom or playroom. From sets featuring lots of animal friends to options featuring a brave knight conquering a not terribly fierce dragon, these sets are a wonderful way to help children make memories in their rooms.

Toys for Older Children

Djeco origami and paper art sets are a favourite among older children. From models to make simple origami animals and faces to sets of origami planes, they are lightweight enough to travel with. Scratchboard sets are another popular option. They include 4 detailed boards, a scratch tool and instruction booklet. Once completed, the set can be framed and proudly hung in your child’s bedroom.

kid playing with Djeco Toys


Where to Buy Djeco Toys?

Djeco toys can be found in specialist shops around the world that are in tune with the company and their values. Browse the online market to find a large assortment of these educational toys.

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