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Spiegelau Beer Glasses: Enjoy Your Favourite Beer in Style

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Spiegelau Beer Glasses: Enjoy Your Favourite Beer in Style

Beer is one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages. It comes in a wide range of flavors, mixes, and alcohol concentration levels. Have you ever considered the significance of beer glasses? Let’s have a look at it quickly.

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular beverages around the world. It comes in hundreds of varieties and flavours, combinations and levels of alcohol content. There are many interesting facts about beer that are interesting, compelling and would be fun to share with your beer buddies sometimes.
Did you know that the oldest brewery in the world is believed to be the brewery of Weihenstephen in Freising, Germany? Though it’s still a subject of some debate, many other great things related to beer come from Germany as well, including the Spiegelau beer glasses. Have you ever thought about the importance of beer glasses? Let’s take a quick look at it.

Does It Matter What Glass You Drink Beer From?

Following the boom of the craft beer trend, beer lovers became more discerning about their favourite drink. Along with this shift, the interest in homebrewing has significantly increased, as well as the understanding that every style of beer has a delicate balance of characteristics and the way you serve it can either hinder or highlight them. 
According to many studies, your glass can have a huge impact on your perception of your beer’s aromas and flavours. Drinking straight from the can or bottle may seem easy and convenient, but drinking from a beer glass will give you a better depth of flavour and aroma and will help you reduce bloating and discomfort. You can choose from the wide range of Spiegelau beer glasses and drink your favourite beer in style. 
Pouring your beer in the right glassware can help you enjoy your beer more as it maximises the flavour. Believe it or not, it can enhance your beer taste in a few ways, such as keeping it cooler or providing more air for it to breathe. 
Have you noticed how in most bars you are often served beer in brand-specific glasses? The shape of a beer glass can help regulate how quickly people drink, so the pace at which you drink beer can change depending on the type of glass you’re using. Also, the shape of your beer glass matters for many other reasons. The colour, aroma and taste of beer are affected as soon as it hits the glass, much like wine.

spiegelau beer glass

What Makes a Spiegelau Glass Special?

Spiegelau is a company that is rich with glassmaking history dating back as far as the sixteenth century when mirrors were popular in royal courts of Europe. Throughout history, glass has played a huge role in shaping lives, propelling economies and advancing civilisation. The company produced fine glass mirrors, beads and decorative bottles and in 1845 it produced snuff bottles, used to store tobacco, which was all the rage.
In the early 1900s, Spiegelau started producing crystal glasses and the most amazing thing was that each glass was produced by hand. Over time, the company has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality crystal wine glasses, but what’s more important for the beer lovers is that it earned the Red Dot award for design in 2015 for the Spiegelau Craft Beer Collection.
This collection features five custom-shaped glasses for IPA (Indian Pale Ale), Pilsner, Stout, Barrel-Aged Beer and American Wheat Beer. This range of beer glasses is a fine choice for all the beer connoisseurs out there, but also makes a great gift choice for any beer lover. 
The Spiegelau’s Classic range of beer glasses is shaped and designed with specific beer styles in mind and the idea is to maximise their flavour, from the tall and slim Pilsner glasses with a wider opening at the top to the shorter rounded bottom tulip-shaped glasses, designed for heavier craft beers. These unique, functional glasses have been created to bring out the best in complex craft beer while staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian craftsmanship all along the way. 
The shape of each Spiegelau craft beer glass has been developed through a series of design and tasting panels and workshops, in collaboration with industry professionals and master brewers. In the experts’ opinion, the custom-shaped glasses deliver the complexity of aromas to the nose successfully, while demonstrating the optimum beer texture, balance and intensity of flavour on the palate at the same time.
This evolution of traditional beer glass shapes has been designed to highlight the flavour and aroma of various beer styles and elevate your beer drinking experience. Every glass is thin blown and has a thin rim that lifts the perception of taste and mouthfeel. 
Spiegelau has a history of high performance and has always laboured to combine craftsmanship with the latest glassmaking techniques for creating the best quality everyday products. Modern technology and machine-made production enable Spiegelau to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. In 2004 Spiegelau joined the RIEDEL family of brands. 
The brand began its story for hospitality use and today, Spiegelau suits the need for affordable and practical beer glasses for various occasions thanks to its durability under high use. To ensure a long-lasting quality standard, Spiegelau kept a strong commitment to its production sites in Germany. 
Every Spiegelau beer glass is produced in high-quality lead-free crystal glass and is dishwasher safe, which makes it a perfect choice for everyday use. The high quality of the crystal makes Spiegelau products more durable and break-resistant as well, clear and extremely transparent.

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