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The Story on Visa Cancellations and AAT Tribunal Merits Review


The Story on Visa Cancellations and AAT Tribunal Merits Review

Though we have our hopes and dreams, as we know, life doesn’t always grant us with what we wish for. This doesn’t mean we have to stop hoping or dreaming, but rather learn what can be done to make those hopes and dreams come true, get a step closer. This is something people dreaming of living abroad are very familiar with. If you’re dreaming of moving to Australia, you’re not the only one.

The reason for this, of course, is our country being prosperous, and offering the possibility of a high quality of life, with high level of education, employment, health care, and safety, to name a few. However, though we’re regarded as a nation highly welcoming migrants, there are still many unfortunate cases of visa cancellations and refusals, when we consider the numbers: from 27.000 in 2016 climbing up to 47.000 visa cancellations as of April this year.

If your worry is you might meet the same fate as these disappointed migrants, worry not, you’d still have the option to get the help of Aat Tribunal Merits Review that’s the only independent organisation to review government decisions done under Commonwealth laws, as of July 2015, and based on their reviews the Minister can then look into your case. Since it’s a long process, and you won’t be in the know on all laws and regulations, it’s best to consider getting professional help from MARA registered migrant agents.

These agents were specialised for this specific situation, and have all the experience when it comes to preparing reviews. They wouldn’t only advise you on how to get better chances of succeeding, but they can also help you with the formulation of submissions. While it’s the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that makes the visa decision, you get to appeal at the Migration and Refugee Division of the Aat Tribunal as mentioned above, also known as Merits Review (MRT).

Since you’d already have spent a considerable amount of money for the application of the visa in the first place, you wouldn’t want to spend countless amounts further in vain steps that wouldn’t exactly bring you to the proper appeal. Besides, there’s also the short time limit you get to apply for the review of the AAT and submit your application, which is where you could also do better off with the guidance of an agent; fresh applications are the ones taken into consideration, so you have to act fast.

Have in mind it all depends on your specific circumstances, whether you meet all the eligibility requirements, the visa you’re applying for, the visa you currently have (substantive or bridging), whether you’ve applied for the visa and the appeal outside of Australia or within the country, and if you’re waiting for the merits review decision in Australia.

Once your appeal application has been lodged, you’d expect to receive a letter of confirmation of the AAT, which may or may not ask you for more documentation, and then have your case allocated to a Tribunal Member, who would then make a decision if your documentation is considered sufficient. If not, you’d be invited for more document submission, and to provide more information at a hearing – a step you can take with the presence of your migration agent. When all this is over, you can expect to receive a written statement on the decision.

Be sure to let your agent know everything about your case, since while you’re waiting for the merits review decision the AAT can investigate you in case they require further information, if you want to increase your chances of making your Australian dream come true.

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