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Sustainable Fashion: Here’s Why You Should Choose Clothing that Doesn’t Harm the Environment


Sustainable Fashion: Here’s Why You Should Choose Clothing that Doesn’t Harm the Environment

Not all clothing is made equal. In a world where fast fashion dominates the market, it’s hard to find trendy clothing that won’t tear up after a few washes. Even though these clothes are stylish, they pose many risks for the environment, our bodies and the workers that manufacture them.

For this reason, these past few decades, people have been focusing on wearing sustainable clothing that offers many advantages over fast fashion.

What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean?

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First of all – there are so many terms to describe sustainable clothing: organic, green, eco-friendly… the list goes on. Although all of these terms refer to the different aspects of how the clothes were created, they all refer to clothing that doesn’t harm humans or the environment.
Sustainable clothing is manufactured from organically grown natural materials, such as cotton and linen. Farmers exclude the use of pesticides and other chemical compounds and instead turn to organic sprays to ward off insects. After the fabric is produced, workers create the final product in a pleasant working environment and use eco-friendly fabric dyes.

Contrary to popular belief, sustainable clothing is as stylish and trendy as fast fashion. Apart from basic everyday clothing, you can find a variety of designer sustainable sundresses and skirts for any occasion.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Designer Clothing

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Good for Your Health

Sometimes, cheap fast fashion clothing comes with an additional price – and this price is your health. This industry often uses synthetic fabrics that are sometimes additionally treated with chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, these clothes can cause rashes, irritation, or even more serious reactions. Organic fabrics are well-known for their softness and breathability. Cotton and linen are two of the softest materials that are hypoallergenic and soothing to the skin.

It’s Personal

The second most important benefit of sustainable clothing is its uniqueness. If you’re shopping for an event where you want to look your best, don’t hesitate to check out the sustainable designer skirts and dresses available online. These pieces will make you look like a modern Greek goddess. These clothes differ from the repetitive styles that you can see everywhere. Designers surprise us with their ability to create something so elegant and luxurious, which can turn heads everywhere you go while still radiating simplicity.

There are countless jokes about how everyone wears pretty much the same thing in today’s world of fast fashion and fleeting trends. This type of clothing make you spend more and more every time a new trend comes out. Unlike fast fashion, sustainable clothes are unique and timeless pieces that rarely go out of style. Their designers carefully create each piece to offer you a dose of functionality and elegant luxury.


A lot of the designer clothes today require specific care. It is a real struggle to constantly rush to the dry cleaner, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. Although, if you put them in the washing machine, you risk them getting damaged in several different ways – either they rip at the seams, the colour starts fading or details like buttons and zippers start to unpick. Women around the world are often disappointed from low quality designer clothing that turns out to be unwearable after washing it five times.

On the other hand, organic and sustainable designer clothing offers far better quality. The sole material is machine washable and guarantees colour retention even after wearing it numerous times. The workers take longer to craft a single piece of clothing to make sure it’s anatomically correct, and the sewing is tear-proof. If you invest in sustainable designer skirts and dresses, you will have a signature piece of designer clothing that you can wear for countless occasions to come.

You Give Someone a Better Future

It’s no secret that most workers in fast fashion have to endure terrible working conditions. They work in scorching heat and freezing cold temperatures, often for u to 13 hours a day. Factories are paying them little money to produce as much clothing as possible. The worst thing about this industry is that they employ little children that are subjected to the same working environments. Manufacturers of sustainable fashion oppose this trend of exploiting children and take into account the needs of their employees. They offer fair pay and soothing work environments.

You Help Save the Earth

Companies creating sustainable clothing try to minimize their carbon footprint and refrain from using toxic dyes and chemicals in the production process. Many other fashion industries contaminate the waters while dying their clothing and stack entire landfills with scrap fabrics without considering the consequences of their actions. Sustainable fashion companies produce significantly less waste and recycle leftover fabrics.

Finding a quality piece of clothing in today’s overwhelming market can be challenging. To make sure you get something unique, stylish and eco-friendly, go for one of the sustainable Australian made skirts and dresses.

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