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Fashion Guide on How to Style Women’s Flat Boots


Fashion Guide on How to Style Women’s Flat Boots

We may all agree that high heel boots look fabulous. They’re sexy, stylish, elegant and finish a smart outfit beautifully. Although the look is important, women have long been devotees of flat boots for several reasons. One of them is practicality. Flat boots may not look sexy (though there are some pretty gorgeous pairs) but you can do anything you want while wearing them. High heel boots, on the other hand, aren’t much comfortable for doing a job when you’re on your feet all day or for playing with the kids.

Moreover, if you like walking about the city, flat boots are much more suitable and can help you avoid sore feet. This is especially the case if your job involves covering a lot of ground. Heels make you walk in an unnatural manner, throw your balance off the centre and can cause back problems. Although wearing high heel boots on occasions won’t do you any harm, it’s wise to alternate between heels and flats.

How to Wear Flat Boots?

Women's flat boots

When it comes to what goes with flat boots, we can say basically everything. This type of footwear is so trendy right now that you can find women’s flat boots available in a range of styles and colours that go with a range of outfits. Some models come with decorative details, like buckles and straps, that can serve as accessories. Combat boots are another popular choice that looks very good with khaki or camo trousers.

There are also suede flat boots, which can create a more elegant look for work or casual occasions. Models with a pointed toe can be a great combination for a more sophisticated outfit while also making your legs look longer. Let’s take a look at what you can wear with women’s flat boots.

How Do You Style Jeans with Flat Boots?

Women's flat boots with jeans

With the growing popularity of straight-cut, flared, and bell-bottom jeans, you may need some pointers on how to tuck in your flat ankle boots for women. It’s simple: always tuck in your skinny jeans, but never tuck in flare jeans, bell-bots, or any wide-hemmed style.

With straight-cut jeans that are too wide to tuck in, the trick is to roll them up a little bit and tuck them into the bootees. The latest high-waisted jeans and dress trousers also look fashionable when paired with matching flat ankle boots. If you had to choose only a pair of flat boots, it should be a pair of brown boots that will go with all of your light-dark denim jeans.

How Do Your Style Dresses with Flat Boots?

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the boots, the longer the dress or skirt should be. The opposite is true, as well. The higher the boots the shorter you can wear your hemline. If you wear a cute longuette style evening midi skirt/dress, it will be semi-formal, with an A-line, flowing skirt that drapes about 2 to 4cm below the knee. In this case, low-cut, dainty ankle boots with a pointed toe will make the boot appear more formal rather than clumpy and casual. It’s also essential to wear ankle flat boots that are either ‘nude’ or match the colour of your dress.

This will lengthen your top-to-toe silhouette and add a touch of class to a trendy look. In addition, ankle-length dresses/skirts with a slit up side are a great way to add sexy glam to your ankle boot ensemble. Black flat ankle boots look great with black thick tights, and when wearing thick tights in the winter, you can go a little shorter. However, avoid wearing non-black ankle boots with black tights. The rule is to match the colours to make the legs appear longer.

Flat Boot Styling for Short Women

If you’re short and think this fashion staple isn’t for you, think again! Flat ankle boots look great on petite girls and women when paired with cropped or skinny jeans, leggings, or thick tights. If you’re petite, pair flat ankle boots with leggings and an extra-long sweater, or thick tights and a mini-dress.

It’s a cute look that you can finish up with a cross-body handbag to feel trendy and comfortable all day. However, you need to pay attention to where the top of the boots rests on your ankle because boots that stop just above or just below the ankle will give shorter women the most flattering look!

Flat Boot Styling for Tall Women

women's flat boots fot tall womens

When it comes to clothing that can be worn with flat ankle boots, taller women have more options. As a great alternative to jeans and a sweater, pair them with a midi- or maxi-dress and an autumn cardigan, sweater, or jacket. Wearing a maxi- or mini-dress with flat bootees is simple and appropriate for work, shopping, or dates. In the winter, when most women are bundled up in shapeless tops, trousers, and heavy coats, long sleeve dresses give you feminine appeal.

Regardless of your size or shape, it’s important that you understand that balanced proportions are essential for looking your best in trendy clothes and accessories. In cool weather, you can lengthen your silhouette by wearing a long raincoat in the trench-coat style. This looks great with flat ankle boots. In warmer weather, a shorter jacket looks great with a pair of cropped jeans or trousers and helps anyone look slightly thinner.

Taller women also need to be careful which flat ankle boot styles, colours, and types they choose to wear with their outfits, as one pair of ankle booties will not match all of your clothes. Be especially cautious of shaggy-looking flat short boots, which can completely unbalance your proportions and make you appear to have enormous feet!

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