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3 Decor Ideas to Transform Your Wedding Venue Into a Romantic Oasis


3 Decor Ideas to Transform Your Wedding Venue Into a Romantic Oasis

Tealight candle decorations don’t stop by the entrance, as you can use them in every corner of your venue to create a romantic ambience.

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most memorable life events a person can experience- from exchanging rings and romantic vows to the entire fairytale décor. And when it comes to wedding décor, you probably want to create a breathtaking arrangement that will impress all your guests.Truth be told, not many people are successful in choosing their wedding decorations, as not everyone has an eye for design. On the other hand, hiring a professional service will increase your wedding expenses which isn’t that welcomed when organising an entire celebration. To make things easier for you, here are some affordable, yet romantic ideas to help you make your special day as beautiful as possible.

Adorn It with Candles

There’s no doubt, candles have always been connected to comfort, tranquillity and romance, regardless of where they’re used. Not only do they provide soft light that seems very elegant and sets an incredible ambience, but you can also imagine how romantic your wedding pictures will look with all that flickering flames in the background.

tealight wedding candle

Hence, if you decided to beautify your wedding ceremony with candles, but you have no idea where to start, you can get a tealight candle collection and throw yourself into searching for decor ideas. Tealight candles are very versatile, and therefore perfect to achieve the ultimate romantic mood that will leave everyone mesmerized.

Want to make the ultimate “grand” entrance every groom and bride deserve? You can use tea light candles to line up staircases in the most dreamy way or create a splendour path that will “escort” your guests inside the venue.

Tealight candle decorations don’t stop by the entrance, as you can use them in every corner of your venue to create a romantic ambience. For instance, you can use lovely candleholders and containers or a tray to place tealight candles and decorate each of the tables where your guests are seated or display them on the cake table.

If you still aren’t enough of these gorgeous flickering lights, you can take the game even further and create “a sky full of stars” in your clear-top wedding tent. The only thing you need to do is to hang glass orbs filled with t light candles on the ceiling and see how everyone becomes taken over by the “wow factor” once they enter the tent.

On the other hand, not a wedding venue can be imagined without at least one romantic arrangement with floating candles. And as much as many people think that floating centrepieces are hard to create, know that they’re actually the simplest type of wedding decoration, as you only need an appropriate water surface. For instance, if your wedding venue features a pool, you can always put these candles afloat and see how the flickering light reflects in the water and creates a magical view. Or, you can use gorgeous vases or bowls to put floating candles, instead of flowers and place them on tables, entryways and every other space that needs some magic.

Finally, votive candle decorations are just another gorgeous option you can’t go wrong with for your wedding. The range of decor opportunities is huge, and the only thing you need to do is to get creative and experiment.

Get an Aisle Runner

Your grand entrance will be one of the most special and the most photographed moments of the entire wedding ceremony. So, why walk on the bare ground when you can make it ultimately special and get a gorgeous aisle runner? The range of opportunities for decorating with aisle runners is very wide, and you can’t go wrong with anything when it comes to creating a romantic ambience.

white rose wedding aisle runner

For instance, you can go for the classic white aisle runner, as they work with every colour palette and make for an excellent base for decorating with different candles, flowers, petals and other romantic decorations. If you still want to choose something gentle and romantic and skip the white shades, you can easily replace them with gorgeous hues such as champagne and soft beiges. Except for the elegant appearance, these shades also work with every colour palette, so you won’t struggle to incorporate them in the entire wedding theme and décor.

On the other hand, you don’t even have to choose a simple aisle runner, as you can make a statement with an extraordinary design featuring different patterns and colours. You can even add your own personal touch to the entire wedding, and choose a supplier offering customized designs with inscriptions of your names or a romantic quote by choice.

Throw a Lot of Balloons

Balloons are one of the ultimate party decorations since we were kids. So, why not use them to decorate the most special party of your life? Not only do they make for one of the most affordable decorations, but balloons can also contribute to creating a magical ambience if you use them in the right way.

heart balloons thrown in the air

For instance, if you decided to go for lovely garland decorations, make sure you replace the flowers with mini balloons. This way, you can still create unique pops of colours while sparing a couple of pennies for artificial or fresh flowers that will wither within a couple of days.

And talking about replacing flowers with balloons, floral walls became a cliché as they’re the most common element of many wedding celebrations. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a unique, yet romantic wall, as you can cover it with balloons instead of flowers. Just make sure you skip mixing many different colours, as they’ll break the romantic flow and take away the attention from you. Hence, it’s best to stick to a singular palette such as pale pink, champagne, gentle beiges or any other romantic shade.

Finally, if you decided to make a statement by placing floating candles in your summer wedding venue’s pool, balloons are a good idea to elevate the entire composition to the next level. Not only will levitating balloons appear very modern, but the candle decorations along with them will also create a magical effect that will leave everyone enchanted when the sun goes down.

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