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A Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Mixer Taps


A Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Mixer Taps

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen area? While it is an exciting experience, most people usually tend to focus on the finer elements like the kind of fridge or oven they get. Of course, it’s completely understandable if you’re focusing on the big picture but the devil really is in the details here. One thing in particular that is oftentimes overlooked, is the kind of kitchen mixer tap you choose to include as the centrepiece of your kitchen.

But how do you know which models to invest in? That’s a tricky question with no straightforward answer. Nowadays, there’s no shortage of options since contemporary kitchen mixer taps are available in a range of designs, shapes and sizes. Most models are both practical and functional which means that they’ll be an interesting addition to your décor all while getting the job done. For this reason, choosing the most appropriate one for your home might seem like a bit of a challenge. Fortunately for you though, we’ll be giving you some pointers on how to make the right decision.

What Are Mixer Taps?


These days, kitchen tap mixers are the most popular design of tapware and an essential part of every modern kitchen out there. The whole thing is quite simple really, the idea is to have a single tap that serves as a vessel for both hot and cold water, hence the name. This means that you won’t have water coming out of two separate places because you can just control and customise the temperature yourself. It’s pretty convenient and cost-effective because it ultimately saves you a lot of time and water.

Essentially, mixer taps make it a lot easier to regulate the temperature of running water. This, in turn, greatly lowers the risk of ending up with freezing or scorching hot water when you’re going back and forth with different taps.

What Are the Different Types of Mixer Taps?


The good news here is that mixer taps are extremely versatile, which means that there are a handful of options available. To help you reach a decision, we’ll be going through the basics of each type.

Twinner Taps

These mixer taps have two handles, one for cold and one for hot, both of which are then mixed through a single opening. In terms of appearance, they closely resemble traditional taps which might be a bonus if you’re the conventional type. However, this does mean that you’ll probably need to use both hands to get the ideal temperature.

In any case, these mixer taps are affordable and easy to install so they’re a great option if you’re on a somewhat limited budget. All you have to do is place the tap and handles separately on the base of your sink and you’re all set.

Monobloc Taps

If you haven’t already guessed based on the name, monobloc mixer taps have only one handle to accompany the tap itself. The single lever handle controls both the temperature and flow of the water which makes it pretty easy to use. Plus, the minimalist design is bound to be a stylish and fashionable accessory to your kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Taps

If you want your sink area to be less cluttered you should definitely consider installing wall-mounted taps to save up on all that extra space. After all, there’s no better way to add a modern twist to your existing kitchen sink.

Pull-Out Spray Mixers

These are definitely the underdog when it comes to kitchen taps since they’re mostly selected for commercial use. But can you imagine how handy it would be if you could just pull out your tap to rinse all your dishes and wash your vegetables? This makes cleaning a lot easier because you can just move the flexible hose in the desired direction.

How Do You Choose a Mixer Tap?


Last but not least, you need to consider a few crucial factors before making a purchase. Here’s what you need to know.


The kind of material you choose for your mixer tap will have a major impact on its durability and resilience. This is why you should avoid materials such as plastic, glass and ceramic. Instead, opt for kitchen mixer taps that are made of nickel, chrome or bronze. Their polished, stainless steel surface adds a premium finish to their already luxurious appearance.


You’ll start thinking about the shape and size of your tap once you’ve settled the dilemma between a single or double bowl kitchen sink. That’s your ticket to figuring out what you need. For example, if you choose to get a double bowl kitchen sink, you might want to invest in a pull-out tap for greater mobility and versatility. On the other hand, if your kitchen sink is already pretty small, installing a wall-mount tap is your best option because you’ll want all the free space you can get.

Water Pressure

Figuring out your home’s water pressure is the key to installing the appropriate mixer tap. It’s no use getting the first tap you lay your eyes on if it doesn’t live up to your expectations when it comes to performance. For instance, if your home has a low-pressure water system, then it’s a good idea to get a tap that is designed to work specifically in those conditions to ensure a steady flow of water.

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