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Feng Shui Your Way to Host of the Day


Feng Shui Your Way to Host of the Day

Even since ancient times the kitchen has been considered the heart of the home – the place where the family magic happens. According to Feng Shui, it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, so people who believe in this energy put some great efforts to arrange it in a way that will emit positive vibes. And yes, what you eat, you become. Food is your fuel, so what you eat and how you eat it can have a great impact on your overall well being. And according to the Feng Shui philosophy, you need to prepare your food in a functional and well-organized kitchen. Moreover, everything you use, including glasses and plates, should be carefully chosen and used for the right purpose.

When it comes to elegance and sophistication, nothing beats white kitchenware. White dining plates are the preferred choice of most homeowners. Nevertheless, you can not go wrong even if you choose other colours. Let’s see how different colours play with different food types and colours. Let’s talk some kitchen art.

  • For green foods like pesto pasta and salads choose yellow plates. Both colours are warm and complement each other in a great way. Green is a colour that comes by mixing blue and yellow, so anything between green and yellow can work well. The worst colour for serving green food on is red. Both colours are complimentary which makes their contrast too striking. Also, according to Feng Shui, red coloured plates will stimulate your appetite, so maybe they are not the best choice if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Beige foods such as potatoes, chicken or Alfredo dishes will look perfect if served in brown or black dishes. Making contrast between the food and the dining plates is good, but sometimes making a harmony with tones (cool or warm) can also work great. In this case, beige is a warm tone, brown is warm too, so here you have the perfect tone pair. The worst choice: beige plate. Never serve beige food on a beige plate. This will make the food look boring and flavourless.
  • Beef, tomatoes, red sausages and other red foods look perfect when served on white. Red is an advancing colour and is especially tricky do be paired with other colours. So, do not mess up the décor with anything else except for white and your red dishes will look much more appetizing. Green is the worst colour for serving red dishes on, so make sure you stay away from it.
  • Foods that come in orange and yellow tones like corn, eggs, mango and curried dishes look much more appealing when served on blue plates. A bright, warm blue will bring out the warm hues in orange and yellow.
  • Last but not least, the desserts. When choosing a dessert serving plate, the best piece of advice is to choose a colour that matches the garnishes. For example, a piece of chocolate cake with a cherry on top will look best when served on a red plate, while an apple pie with caramel will look amazing on a brown dish. The worst colour for deserts is blue. Deserts are usually full of shapes and colour, so very patterned plates will overpower the food as well.

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