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Starting a Bakery: Food Equipment & Other Important Factors

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Starting a Bakery: Food Equipment & Other Important Factors

In the midst of the Corona crisis, there is uncertainty as to what can we expect in the business world for 2020. Many hospitality businesses have been faced with reduced profits and even had to close down. So, you may think now is definitely not the time to try your luck at being an entrepreneur.

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But if you were considering starting your own bakery, there’s no reason to get discouraged by the current situation. People always need food. And crisis or no crisis, all of us love the taste of fresh and aromatic bread and pastries. This will always be true even in, god forbid, war times. That being said, operating a bakery with a good delivery service can be a profitable plan despite the threat of lockdowns.

And once the threat of the pandemic seizes to disrupt our daily lives, you will probably have gained a substantial amount of profit to expand your bakery shop into a place where people can sit down and enjoy their favourite pastries. So, is opening up a bakery something you always wanted to do? Here’s what you need to know before going on you venture.

The Importance of Commercial Food Equipment

Opening a new bakery shop is always a big decision. Or rather it is a multitude of small decisions. You have to make sure you invest in the right kind of commercial food equipment. One that will allow you to automate as much of the processes as you can without compromising on the trade secrets that make you unique.

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If you start or expand a baking business, chances are you already know a thing or two about baking. And that means that you are already aware of the hours you will save by introducing baking machines in your production line. You do not want your master baker to spend his time doing a repetitive and arduous task like mixing if his pivotal touch comes after. So, play to your strengths. Eliminate the need to perform by hand tasks that can be replaced by a machine. In some cases, this will even improve your end product.

Then there’s also the fact that the use of food processing machines can speed things up. Food processing operations are meticulous and usually have a time-sensitive production line. And this does not apply exclusively to artisan and large-scale bakeries. It holds true for instore bakeries, franchise hot bread shops, and small independent family-owned bakeries as well.

You’ve got to start with a clear idea of the equipment you need. To do so, start by determining the type of baked goods you want to have on your menu and assess the size of your output. Then, purchase the suitable machines with suitable output capacities. However, don’t fail to overlook size.

When you’re in the bakery business, space is always a valuable commodity. There’s only limited space behind the counter where you will need to fit mixers, ovens, fridges and a variety of other equipment and make sure that there’s still enough room left for the chefs and other employees to move around freely. With that being said, it’s important to opt for compact solutions.

Then there’s also the fact that bakery equipment is an expensive investment. So, make sure you spend your money on high-quality equipment with longterm warranties. Always go for a food equipment dealer with years of experience in the field and which can offer you reliable customer service.

Be Informed and Organised

If you have never been in the bakery business (or any other business for that matter) you will be overwhelmed by the wide variety of tasks that you will need to juggle. And this is after putting basic hospitality responsibilities like preparation and serving of food aside.

What about all of the other aspects? Legal codes and regulatory bodies, human resources, finance, accounting, IT, social media, marketing, architecture and design. Granted, the list is overwhelming. But you are not the first one to start a bakery. And there are lessons you can take and adjust from the experience of bakery experts.

In any case, before you actually make the big leap and open up your bakery, make sure that you are completely informed about all the aspects of being in the bakery industry. Start step by step and have a strict organisation plan in place. Don’t rush things before you’re 100% ready.


Delegate the Responsibilities

The truth is, running a bakery big or small is demanding and no one is able to overlook all the operations by himself. It is simply not possible. As your operations grow and your business expands you will have to delegate some of the managing responsibilities to others.

Some go for including the wider family. That is a blessing and a curse. Others go for experts in their respective field, or at least someone they can count on to do the job and that can continuously deliver at high standards. However, as much as you recruit capable managers to assist you, your bakery won’t be able to run smooth unless your employees are well-trained and motivated.

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