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Bamboo Sheets: the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

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Bamboo Sheets: the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping which means the material we put on our beds plays an important role in our overall health (especially in the health of our skin). Along with quality bed sheet materials, it’s also crucial to choose a fine mattress for a good night’s sleep. When it comes to choosing sheets that will help you get a good night’s sleep so you can start each day feeling more alert, emotionally balanced, and energized – 100 percent bamboo sheet sets are on top of the list. Whether you need a bamboo queen- or king-size sheet set, bamboo sheets provide a range of benefits.


Provide Comfort & Softness

When you are comfortable, it becomes easier to drift into sleep, and comfort is exactly what bamboo sheets provide. By choosing 100 percent bamboo sheet sets you will experience a luxurious smoothness that will soothe your mind and body. These bamboo cotton sheets will allow you to cuddle right in for a night full of quality sleep.

white bamboo sheet set for bedroom with side wood table and decorative candle and flower


Absorb Sweat

Bamboo sheets are breathable to keep you comfy and dry. For those experiencing night sweats as a result of undergoing treatment, medications, sleep disorders, or even the common fever – bed sheet sets are the ideal solution. They are remarkably absorbent, trap heat in the material and don’t retain moisture, thus helping you remain comfortable all night long. All these features make bamboo the ideal material for workout clothes. Plus, this material is very lightweight, breathable and feels easy on the skin. Bamboo fibre has natural thermal regulating abilities to keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Provide Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic Features

Those who have skin allergies, skin asthma, or sensitive skin, may experience itching and irritation that becomes worse at night. This may be due to the dust mites living in your bed, which is quite common in cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets, however, are free from allergens, dust mites odours, and bacteria. Therefore, they reduce your allergies and are gentle on sensitive skin. Bamboo sheets allow you to sleep and wake up without congestion, stiffness, or sniffles.

girl laying on a bed with white bamboo sheet set



Although bamboo bed sheets are lightweight and super soft, they last a long time. The longer the fibre – the better, the smoother and the stronger the fabric will be. Normally, bamboo fibres are stretched as opposed to woven together, and this makes them more durable and less prone to pilling and tearing than other types of woven fabrics. If you are wondering how long do bamboo sheets last, you’ll be happy to learn that, if cared for properly, these eco-friendly bedsheets can last for decades.

Care Instructions

When it comes to keeping your bamboo sheets in good condition, it’s not recommended to use bleach, hot water and fabric softener. The hot water can cause shrinkage. Don’t fear about nasty bacteria growing in sheets and needing hot water to get rid of it, because bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and the sheets will stay fresh even with a cold wash cycle.

It’s recommended to always wash bamboo sheets at 30C max. Use gentle washing liquids or powders because they guarantee to be kind to your fabric. You can also continue to use your regular detergent, but first, ensure that it doesn’t contain a brightener or bleach which may have a staining effect on your sheets. You can also iron your sheets, but only on a cool setting. Of course, if you spread them out flat you won’t need to iron them, as their weight will pull the creases out.

woman's hand on bamboo bedding


Wondering how often should bedsheets be washed? In summer, it’s advisable to wash them every 7 to 10 days. In winter, you can wash them every 2 weeks.

Occasionally, you might see some pilling occur on your bamboo sheets and towels. Bamboo is a natural fibre, therefore the pilling is normal. This mostly occurs in response to friction and isn’t a fault or defect. The pilling will naturally shed and it can be removed or reduced during the washing and drying process. It is usually removed after 5 or 6 washes, or even earlier. In fact, piling doesn’t always occur but it’s also not unusual in the initial period of use. It mostly depends on the amount of friction and body heat.

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