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Benefits of Makita Powertools: Premium Quality, Multi-Functionality and LXT Compatibility


Benefits of Makita Powertools: Premium Quality, Multi-Functionality and LXT Compatibility

Ask any tradie, chippie, or hobbyist what their favourite power tool is and you’ll overwhelmingly hear that it’s their cordless drill.

Whether it’s for boring holes straight ahead or at right angles, or stripping old paint and mixing new paint afterwards, there isn’t a lot that a powerful cordless drill with the proper attachment can’t accomplish at the worksite or at home. And for well-prepared RV’ers and off-roaders, bringing a cordless drill along to raise stabilizing jacks, drop jockey wheels, or to retighten rattling accessories is second nature.

Versatility and portability make cordless drills the ideal tool for all kinds of indoor and outdoor tasks, but not all drills are designed to handle the same jobs. Some have incredibly specialized functionality while still making great all-purpose rotary tools, and no drill fits that description as well as hammer drills.

You Get Premium Cordless Performance from Makita Drills


When it comes to drilling through the hardest substrates, hammer-type drills are in a league all their own. No other types of drills can power their way through concrete, brick, or steel as effortlessly; and heavy-duty Makita drill tools lead the industry with strong, reliable hammer drills and rotary hammer drills that are built to take on the toughest tasks.

Makita established itself as the world’s first portable drill manufacturer in 1969 with its rechargeable model 6500D. Today, however, with power ratings of up to 18V / 640W from their advanced LXT® System of untethered tools, modern cordless Makita drills for sale are part of a product lineup that’s more efficient and higher powered than most corded hammer-type drills.

In fact, the advantages they have over their corded cousins couldn’t be clearer.

  •  Practicality. Hammer drills and rotary hammers are typically larger than other types of cordless drills; but with models becoming more compact, more ergonomic, and ordinarily weighing under 2.5kg with battery, Makita hammer drills are ready to go wherever you need to take them.
  •  Power. The new, cooler running BL brushless motors used in all Makita hammer-type drills can deliver up to 125Nm of adjustable torque and 31,500ipm (impacts per minute), making them perfectly suitable for chiselling, or drilling through up to 16mm masonry, 13mm steel, or 76mm wood substrates.
  •  Protection. Makita’s Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) marks a significant advantage in dust and water resistance over other cordless brands when they’re expected to perform in the most demanding environments.

In short, when you buy Makita drills, especially their hammer-type drills, you’re getting the benefit of tools that are built around simplicity, but still offer a 45% increase in per-charge work efficiency over previous models. Simplification doesn’t mean that these drills are lacking in functions or features though, because Makita is more than just a pioneer in portable tools: they’re the leader in high-performance, one-battery cordless tool systems.

3-Mode Functionality to Handle Any Drilling Job


If you’ve done any kind of construction or demolition work in the past, then you know that only hammer-type drills have the concussive force that’s needed to pound through masonry, stone, and steel. Every situation that would require using a hammer drill is different though, and that’s why Makita drills are built around switchable, 3-mode operation functionality.

  •  Rotation Only. This is the ideal setting for drilling ordinary holes, for use with accessories like wire wheels, or simply for adjusting RV jacks.
  •  Hammering with Rotation. With the correctly tipped or slotted bits, this setting is optimal for drilling pilot or access holes into hard substrates, or installing masonry anchors.
  •  Hammering Only. This non-rotating mode is used strictly for chiselling up tile or mortar, or for chipping away at concrete, brick or stone surfaces.

With a choice of variable 2-speed operating ranges, a Makita hammer drill can handle any of the driving, drilling, and hammering tasks that you’re likely to put in front of it. And when you need an extra-strength impact tool to push through the toughest substrate, Makita has a solution for that too.

Makita SDS Drills Deliver the Heaviest Punch

When it comes to heavy-hitting hammer drill features, there’s one that stands above the rest: Slotted Drive Systems, or SDS.

Makita’s line of cordless rotary hammer drills with SDS chucks are designed to accept precision ground, SDS-shanked bits. Unlike ordinary bits, SDS bits aren’t able to slide when they’re fastened into the drill’s chuck, and their locking slots allow them to move back and forth with these special rotary drills’ hammering action.

There are 3 main types of SDS drive systems:

  •  Regular SDS. These are the original, hexagonally-shaped chucks.
  •  SDS Plus. These are slightly larger round-shaped chucks that can also accept regular SDS and SDS Max bits with  an adaptor.
  •  SDS Max. These are even larger extended hexagonal chucks.

SDS makes it possible for extra-hard punching rotary hammer drills to have a stronger connection with the bit without requiring excessive tightening. The ultimate result, however, is that when you buy Makita drill tools with SDS drives, you can expect to get more of the heaviest drilling done quicker.

All Your Makita Tools Stay Connected With LXT® Compatibility



Make no mistake: even for high-powered Makita drills, Australia is still a challenging work environment where tools have to be as flexible as they are reliable. Compatibility makes all the difference in how effectively you’re able to use your tools in Oz, and Makita’s patented LXT® System leads the way in cordless, interoperative 18V technology that puts compatibility at the forefront.

The LXT® System is built around the slide-type integration of more than 325 individual 18V tool solutions that share unrivalled process connectivity through:

  •  Advanced, energy-efficient brushless motors;
  •  Full lithium-ion battery and charger interoperability between all 325 solutions; and,
  •  Real-time power management between tools and batteries.

The LXT® System is the largest, fully integrated single-battery compatible system in the world, and you can be confident that when you look at a Makita drill for sale, it’s part of a family of durable, fast charging tools that are designed to work just as hard with each other as they are with you.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, whether it’s on the job site or at the campsite, cordless power tools have effectively redefined how we work and play. It’s at the heavy-duty end of the spectrum, however, where cordless flexibility is making the biggest difference; and tasks that wouldn’t have been imaginable when the first portable tool was manufactured are now just a part of the day’s job.

Makita’s 6500D drill was the first to prove that power tools didn’t have to stay tethered to an outlet, and the current range of heavy-duty Makita drill tools continue to build on that legacy of innovation. If you need a cordless, no-nonsense hammer-type drill that’s up to the job anytime, you can be sure that Makita has just what you want.

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