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Boosting Productivity by Using an Efficient Carton Sealing Machine


Boosting Productivity by Using an Efficient Carton Sealing Machine

Packaging is of great importance, and even crucial to many manufacturing industries including pharmaceuticals, food industries, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture etc. Carton packaging has been around for a long time, and being a sustainable option, with the continuous growth of environment-awareness, it is the number one choice for many businesses, even today.

Sealing boxes by hand


Benefits of Case Sealing Automation

Sealing boxes by hand, takes a lot of time and is labour intensive, which is why it’s not an option for most businesses. The sealing can also be less effective, meaning it wouldn’t be able to hold the weight, or transport could damage the product.

Carton sealing using a machine on the other hand, is the better choice for most businesses that require packaging. Good packaging solution is crucial for many business industries, not only in regards of safe transport and delivery, but also because it affects productivity, safety and, ultimately, cost.

So, automation saves you time and money, not only in terms of product damage decrease in transit, but also in terms of employee turnover. The machinery for packaging has advanced in the last years so much, that today, with the variety in the functions, it’s an integral part in the productivity boosting strategies across different industries.

  1. Automating the process of box sealing is much faster than manual sealing. This means that production takes less time and the daily production output is higher.
  2. Sealing packaging with a machine will reduce material waste, such as tape usage.
  3. Automation also means lower labour costs. If an employee needs 30 minutes to seal a package manually, they will need 5 to do it using a carton sealer. Furthermore
  4. Choosing sealing by machines also protects workers against injuries from repetitive motion
  5. Using machine sealing instead of manual sealing will also ensure less damages during transportation, and it will protect against theft in shipping.
carton sealer


Reasons to Automate the Packaging Process

Without a doubt, and regardless of the initial cost, buying a quality and reliable carton sealer is a great investment in your business’ future success. If you are thinking about automating the packaging process for your business, there are a few things to consider in order to make the right decision.

Automation is the right choice:

  • if the number of boxes you need sealed on daily bases is big, or if it’s growing;
  • if packaging requires a lot of workers;
  • if packaging takes a lot of time, and you think production can be increased;
  • if your products get damaged during shipment or you are experiencing theft.

Types of Carton Sealing Machines

The technology for packaging solutions has become more and more innovative and advanced, which is why it’s growing so fast. To make an informed decision, if your business requires packaging, you should get familiar with the different types of carton sealing machines, to ensure fast and safe sealing, and choose accordingly.

Carton sealers are either semi-automatic or automatic, in terms of the need of full-time operator – semi-automatic are operator-fed, and automatic are operator-free.

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer


Semi-automatic carton sealing machines

  • Uniform semi-automatic carton sealers require an operator to feed cartoons through it. They can process a wide range of cartons; an operator has to adjust for each size. They are used to process cases of same the size and style.
  • Random semi-automatic cartoon sealer machines adjust to any size cartons without an operator. They need an operator or a motorised conveyor to feed the cartons through the machine.

Automatic carton sealing machines

  • Uniform automatic carton sealers process same sized boxes, without the assistance of an operator. While they accept a wide range of cartons, an operator is needed to adjust for each size.
  • Random automatic carton sealing machines can process boxes with various sizes and styles one after another without an operator. They run continuously, pneumatically adjusting for length, width and height of the case before sealing it.

Choose the Right Type of Carton Sealer

To select the right carton sealing solution, you have to consider your specific packaging needs.

The type of carton sealing machine will be determined by the uniformity or lack thereof of the boxes, regarding their shapes and sizes, as well as the weight of your packages. If all your boxes are shaped the same, for instance, you’ll need a uniform carton sealing machine, and if you have different shapes or sizes, then you’ll need a random carton sealing machine.

Quality, durability, resistance, safety and maintainability of a carton sealer, are of course the most important things to consider before investing in one. Make sure that the construction is strong, heavy-duty, and easy to maintain.

Safety is another important, if not the most important thing when it comes to buying machines for your business. Make sure that your carton sealing machine ensures operator safety.

Furthermore, learn about service, equipment maintenance, parts availability, and customization options for the machine you are considering, not only to prolong its life, but also to use it properly, and to fully take advantage of its functionality and productivity.

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