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Household Tips: How to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

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Household Tips: How to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

Keeping food fresh for longer and not wasting it has become one of the things we as a society have been increasingly more and more interested in. Quite a wise decision, not throwing out any food after a big celebration dinner or even just after everyday life is something we should all focus on and make a regular practice out of. Lately, there have been many different products that focus on this specific thing on the market, some of which are genuine and work great, and some of which, sadly, can be considered a scam.

Whenever there is a surge of interest in a specific topic the market can get overflooded with products that promise fulfilment when in reality they don’t do such a good job. With more than attractive prices, these products can trick a lot of people into thinking they work, but end up being a complete waste of money.

With this article, I’d like to explore actual, real food preservation options that work 100 per cent and will never let you down, no matter if you’re trying to save a lot of food or just a little bit. Some of these products are already known and some haven’t been as explored, so stick around and let’s make the world a better place to live together.

heat impulse sealer


Heat Sealers

One of those less-explored products I speak of is a heat impulse sealer or simply a heat sealing machine, which is a convenient little device that finds use both in ordinary households and big industries as well. Designed to seal bags instantly, it is an awesome product to use when the goal is to store food and save it for a longer period of time. A heat sealer can be the size of a stapler or much, much bigger, but we’re going to concentrate on the smaller versions and what they can offer you.

We all buy products that come in bags, whether it be chips, sweets, vegetables, or something else entirely. We all also use bags to store leftover food or to freeze it. In both situations, it’s sometimes quite hard to keep the bag properly closed and prevent air or anything else from entering. This is where a well-made heat impulse sealer comes in.

With just the press of a button, you can get a wide-open bag to stay virtually hermetically closed. As I said, heat sealers are used in industry settings as well, so whenever you use your own heat sealer you’ll be getting a bag that’s closed as it was when it left the factory. Quite safe to use and very durable, these devices can be used on plastic bags, coated aluminium foil, waxed paper, cellophane, and so on, so you can choose your own method of storing and never waste food again!

Bag heat sealers are quite affordable items and they won’t take up any space in your kitchen, so if you decide to invest in one, you’re really going to love it. It’s important that you make sure you can use your heat sealer on a certain material before actually doing so in order to ensure absolute safety and a worry-free experience.

wax food wraps


Food Wraps

Food wraps have been quite popular lately as they are an extremely eco-friendly way of storing and keeping food fresh. Made out of cotton infused with beeswax, resin, and a certain type of oil, they are durable, very easy to use, and quite effective items that every eco-conscious household should have. Able to be kept at home, but also to be taken outside, wax food wraps come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of food you’d like to store.

Since they are infused with beeswax and resin, the wraps are able to protect your food from any outside influences while still keeping it as fresh as it was when you wrapped it. Highly breathable, the wraps allow for the exchange of air between the inside and the outside while maintaining an optimal moisture level within.

The oil found in the wax wraps is there to make the wraps easy to close with just the warmth of your fingers, but you can renew and refresh your wrap with either a clothing iron or your heat sealer! A wax food wrap is expected to have a life of about two years and is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Plastic Containers


Plastic Containers

A well-known item to all, Tupperware had to make its way on this list as it is quite a great product for preserving food. Used by so many of us on a daily basis, plastic containers, or Tupperware as we all like to call them, have been saving the planet one box at a time for years before any other eco-friendly products appeared on the market. Sturdy, convenient, and available in various sizes, plastic containers have a long shelf life and are able to store solids as well as liquids without much hassle.

Microwave-friendly and freezer-friendly, there are many reasons why these guys have survived so many years and changes within the food preservation industry. Still, something that’s very important to note when buying plastic containers is the type of plastic they’re made out of. If the plastic isn’t recyclable then your container isn’t really eco-friendly and will actually cause more damage than good when you look at the big picture. To avoid this, always check to see what it’s made out of as well as how many uses it has in it before it has to be thrown away as overusing plastic containers can become dangerous.

All in all, if you follow the rules, pay attention, and maintain your containers properly you’ll have no issue keeping your food safe and sound for as long as you need to!

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