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Caravan Water System: The Essential Components You Need


Caravan Water System: The Essential Components You Need

There’s no life without water. However, most of the time we fail to appreciate the importance of the clear, life-sustaining liquid as it’s so widely available to us. But once you get in a situation when there’s no steady access to water, you realise just how much you have taken it for granted. Case in point, prolonged stays in nature.

When camping, not only are we cut off from the power grid, but we’re also cut off from the country’s main water supply. But if you have a caravan, you also have the opportunity to create a water system similar to the one you have at home. With the following elements, you can clean yourself, cook or wash the dishes effortlessly while in the middle of the great outdoors.

electric camping pump

Water Tank

First of all, in order to get access to water you need a tank to store it in. Water tanks for caravans can be either mobile or built into the caravan itself. If your caravan does not come with a fixed water tank then you need to get a mobile one. Caravan water tanks also differ in their volume. For example, a small water tank can hold about 50 litres, allowing you to meet your basic water needs for a weekend. If you want to camp with your family or for a prolonged period of time, there are also larger water tanks with capacities of 100+ litres. Evaluate your needs properly and choose accordingly.

Water Pump

In order for the water to flow into the taps in the vehicle, you need a good electric camping pump. It’s important to pick a 12V electric camping pump so that it can be powered by the caravan’s 12V power supply. However, you shouldn’t buy the first 12V pump you see. There are additional things to consider. Like for instance, the flow rate, or in other words, how many litres per minute the pump can pump. The less powerful models can pump up to 4 litres per minute, these models are also more efficient in saving water.

On the other hand, water pumps that can pump around 8-12 litres per minute are ideal for camping trips where you know you can refill your tank. There are also pumps that can pump up to 15 litres per minute, allowing you to run several appliances, such as a sink and a shower, at the same time. However, keep in mind that the more powerful the pump is, the faster it will drain your batteries. In addition, you should also consider the location where you plan to install the pump so that you can choose a pump with an appropriate size.

Water Heater

Since not everyone is a fan of cold showers, a water heater can ensure a supply of pleasant, warm water. In addition, warm water can also make washing the dishes easier. Many tanks come with an integrated water heater, but in some cases, you need to get a separate one. There are two types of water heaters for caravans: a Therme or a boiler. A Therme heater takes the existing warmth generated by the caravan heater to warm up the water. As a result, you get to save more energy. On the other hand, a boiler can run on electricity, gas or a mixture of gas and electricity. The advantage of using a boiler is that it can heat up larger amounts of water.

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