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No More Messy Rides: Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Secure with a Ute Dog Box Canopy


No More Messy Rides: Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Secure with a Ute Dog Box Canopy

As a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of travelling with your Fido around town or even to some out-of-town places, and you’re probably aware of the mess that can occur if your four-legged companion isn’t secured properly. While most people use regular crates and cages, they are often hard to keep clean and secure while on the move.

If you want to take your pet around with you without having to worry about any mess or security issues, then you could definitely make good use of a secure and stable ute dog box canopy created for easy transporting. These devices have a specialised design with plenty of features that will make your rides with your furry friend more enjoyable and worry-free.

dog cage for ute

What Are the Benefits of Ute Dog Box Canopy for Your Vehicle?

If you haven’t yet bought one, and you’re concerned about the well-being of your pooch, getting to know the following benefits could provide you with the info you need and the reassurance on investing in such a ute accessory.

Being in Accordance with the Law

Australia is no exception when it comes to laws about forbidding riding around with a pet sitting freely in the back of the utes. With the recently passed Animal Care and Protection Amendment Bill of 2022, it’s prohibited to drive a dog in the open back of a vehicle without it being properly secured.

If you don’t want to compromise your pup’s safety while on the road, investing in a suitable dog canopy is the answer. Keep in mind that along with keeping it safely and securely transported in the back of your vehicle, you’ll also avoid some seriously hefty fines when you choose the perfect ute box.

To make the most of the purchase, and take care of the utmost comfort of your pet, you can choose to get a custom-made dog box canopy in the adequate size and with the best features for your doggo’s needs. This is especially a great solution for those ute and dog owners who can’t find a canopy in a suitable size and design.

Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety

No matter how used your dog may be to travel with you in the car, it’s still an animal that can act on impulses at times. Especially when triggered by some stressor, like a cat, another dog, or even a person passing by. Driving around with the windows down can put both you and your pet in danger, and possibly others participating in the traffic.

ute crates

Why go through such risk when you can ensure a carefree journey with a ute canopy with a dog box that can still provide them with a view of the surroundings minus the chance to hurt themselves? Moreover, this accessory can further come in handy by providing you with some more time to do errands without the worry of leaving your canine in the hot vehicle.

Since the box is secured, you can simply leave the windows open and provide your furry bud with the breeze they need to stay comfortable while waiting for you. All this without the chance for them to jump out and run away!

Guaranteeing a Mess-Free Trip

Dogs tend to be messy, and this can be true even when you put them inside the ute in their own crates. From pet hair everywhere to spilling liquids and even damaging your precious car seats, there are many things that can leave you with a vehicle in desperate need of cleaning after the trip.

Besides keeping the inside of your ute spotless, the ute dog box canopy is also worthwhile because it’s easy to clean up considering it’s made up of metal. Wipe it up with a cloth after use, and it’s ready for the next adventure. Easy breezy!

Using Ample Space

If you’re a proud owner of more than one dog, the travelling trouble increases with each additional pet. However, it’s nothing the canopy box can’t handle, as depending on the design and the size, it may be possible to fit more than one dog. Along with the mess-free trips, it’s a great solution for them as they’d keep each other company throughout the driving.

canopy dog box

Gone are the days of messy rides with a four-legged friend in tow, with a ridiculous amount of cleaning work ahead. Worrying about their safety is a thing of the past, as you can guarantee it with an appropriate ute dog box canopy.

Bottom Line

Even if you’re not a fan of canine accessories or bulky additions to your ute, a dog box canopy is one of the few items that come with an array of benefits. From protecting your car from any mess your pup may cause to keeping them safe and comfortable, this is one of the smartest investments you can make as a pet-owning driver.

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