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Cert III In Aged Care: Upgrade Your Compassion – A Job Becomes Passion


Cert III In Aged Care: Upgrade Your Compassion – A Job Becomes Passion

The world can never have enough people whose life goal is to help others. And if you are one of these people, I believe that your dream is to turn this passion into your profession. Everything we know about life today has been passed to us by the elderly. Therefore, so many people feel that it is more of an honour than obligation to take care of them, once they are no longer vigilant enough.

Getting an online diploma in aged care is becoming more and more popular in Australia lately. Before you make your decision whether you want to invest in a cert III in aged care diploma, together we will go through all the things you will learn during the course, what is going to be your schedule and how much it will cost you.

Gaining a cert III in aged care or also know as individual support will offer you the chance to experience first-hand learning, together with the practical part that will give you the right experience to get your dream job. The courses are done by remarkable trainers that will be always there for you to support and guide you through every barrier you encounter. One of the benefits of this job is that you will get to feel good about yourself because there is nothing better than to help old people who are in need of care. During your training will receive factual, technical and procedural knowledge and along the way gain theoretical knowledge of the practices that are needed to provide aged care support.

To get your Certificate III diploma in individual support you will need to complete 13 units, seven of which are core units, six are elective and additional 120 hours of practical work placement. The core units cover the following topics: providing individualised support, working with diverse people, legal and ethical work, communication in health services and a lot more.

Online courses offer you the freedom you cannot find anywhere, the freedom of being able to choose the number of days per week you want to have classes. Whether you can do all five or just one, now you have the freedom and means to achieve your dream. Classes are usually run from 7am until 3pm, with theory classes in the morning and practical uses afterwards.

To take this course, there are no academic preconditions you need to have acquired. However, you must have skills and abilities to succeed and produce valid police check without no prior convictions. After you receive your diploma, you can apply for a job such as aged care professional, community house and support worker, day activity worker and in-home respite care worker. What’s more, after getting this diploma you will be able to furthermore upgrade yourself with additional courses, such as nursing.

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