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Everyone Is a Photographer These Days, But Only a Few Know How to Amaze


Everyone Is a Photographer These Days, But Only a Few Know How to Amaze

From the hinges of the internet reserved only for experienced professionals, photography has now spilled all over our social media. People are constantly taking photos of their morning coffee, beloved pet, the book they read and whatever is in their view, all looking to snap that perfect photo that will bring them heaps of likes. And that’s all perfectly acceptable, as long as it’s not just for the sake of posting and you actually create something beautiful in the process. So before entering the world of photography, consider these simple tips for taking breathtaking photographs.

Don’t Go for Expensive Equipment Right Away

When you’re new in the photography business it’s a bad idea to start throwing your money around on expensive gear. If you don’t want to be tricked out of your money, you’ll need to know how a camera works first. An easy solution is to just borrow one, but many people don’t have any photographer friends. Luckily, there are lots of digital camera rental services available for this exact reason. This way you won’t be stuck with a certain type of camera after you’ve gained experience and understood it doesn’t actually suit your needs. And the more you explore different types of equipment, the more you’ll feel confident in choosing what to buy when the right time comes.

Get the Hang of Composition

It’s easy to pin the blame on the camera for your crappy photos. However, even the best camera won’t make you a great photographer if you don’t know how composition works. Don’t follow the cliché many up-and-coming photographers make and place the subject of the photo right in the centre. This will create a counter-effect – instead of drawing attention to it, you’ll instantly make the photo boring and forgettable. So, if you want to avoid this, follow the rule of thirds. Many experienced photographers swear by it and it’s quite easy – just break the shot frame into nine squares and place your subject somewhere where the lines cross and you’ll get a nicely placed composition.

Adjust the Lighting and Exposure

The perfect lighting is crucial for a good photograph. That’s why when taking your photos you need to pay attention to how intense the light is and where it’s coming from. For instance, when outdoors, pay attention to where the sun is and make sure it is not in the back of the subject as it will make it virtually invisible. And if you want to create a more dramatic feeling, try shooting during the so-called golden hour. For a more professional looking shot, ask your digital camera rental service or shop for a reflector to direct light towards the subject, or just try to improvise with aluminium foil. However, no matter what your light source is, if you don’t adjust your exposure correctly, you will set yourself up for failure. You see, exposure or ISO is a very delicate part of the photographing process. The ISO value determines how sensitive the camera chip will be to light. The higher the value – the more sensitive it is, but on the negative side, more grainy as well. A lower ISO is considered better because you can always edit the brightness in post-production, but you cannot do so regarding the noise.

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