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In Which Glasses White Wine Does White Wine Taste Best?


In Which Glasses White Wine Does White Wine Taste Best?

One of the most common topics for many vigorous discussions between wannabe and actual wine connoisseurs is which types of wine glasses go best with a specific type of wine. And this is no wonder since there are as many types of wine glasses as there are types of wine. Though all the glasses may seem very similar to you, there are many subtle differences in the design that can significantly alter the drinking experience. The glass will determine the amount of air that comes in contact with the wine, how much aroma is released, how the wine comes in contact with the tongue, the temperature of the wine, and so on.


To a normie, all those differences may not be noticeable, which in no way means that you shouldn’t drink wine out of the right glass. But, with the huge variety of wine glasses and a whole science revolving around wine drinking, it is really hard choosing the right type of glass white wine should be poured in. This is why I will try to simplify the matter by explaining how wine glasses work and by dividing them in the most basic categories.

First, lets look at the structure of the wine glass. There’s the foot, the stem, the bowl and the rim. The foot is what makes the glass stand upright. The stem allows you to hold your glass without messing up the temperature of the wine with your body heat and leaving finger prints on the bowl. Those two parts are more or less similar for most types of glasses with an exception of stemless wine glasses. The bowl of the glass probably plays the biggest role. It helps capture and distribute the the aroma of the wine towards your nose and mouth. It also determines the amount of surface area which allows the wine to breathe. As far as the rim goes, it should be as thin as possible, smooth to the touch and should not inhibit the flow of the wine.

Most often, wine glasses are made either from glass or crystal. The main difference is that crystal is heavier and softer than regular glass and it also diffracts light. It is thought that high-quality crystal improves the drinking experience, however, it is also much expensive than regular glass. My advice is not to get to concerned about the materials of the glass and see that it fits your budget.

The main types of wine (white, red, and sparkling) are all served in different glasses. The type of glass white wine is serve in is more U shaped and it allows the aromas to be released and at the same time it maintains a cooler temperature. The bowls of red wine glasses tend to be wider and fuller with a larger opening than most of the other glasses in order to allow you to better detect the aroma by dipping your nose inside. The glasses for sparkling wine on the other hand are taller and narrower in order to retain carbonation for a longer period.

Remember that all of this is not absolute, and different people have different tastes, which means you should always go with the glass that feels right for you.

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