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A Guide to Buying Cabin Fans


A Guide to Buying Cabin Fans

If you’re getting ready for a long trip in the Australian outback, you’re certainly in for a wild adventure filled with excitement and challenges. One of the common challenges that a lot of people overlook is the weather. Australia is pretty known for its hellish heat, and the Australian outback, in particular, can be a horrible place to experience it. Many people have fainted behind the wheel thanks to the extreme heat, while others have resorted to using the car’s AC, which drains the car’s battery and leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. So what’s the solution? A simple cabin fan.

Cabin fans are small but efficient car gadgets that have the ability to ventilate the car’s interior and keep a constant, steady airflow while maintaining ambient temperature. They’re specifically designed for small areas with inadequate ventilation and limited space for it. Generally, cabin fans can oscillate and are placed low for maximum airflow. Cabin fans are made of superior metal alloy or plastics that are corrosion resistant. And since they’re meant for small spaces, they’re designed to be extremely efficient while consuming very little power.

Cabin fan

However, there are also models that don’t oscillate but feature a larger blade span in order to cover a larger area. Generally, these fans should be placed in a corner so that they can deliver air circulation throughout the entire room. Basically, you can find a wide range of cabin fans at car gadgets stores that will fit your specific needs, such as the fan’s capacity, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

The motor quality and the blade span are what determines the CFM. That being said, consider the size of the area and where you’ll be mounting it when determining the CFM you need. You may think that picking a big fan with a lot of CFM airflow for a small area won’t be problematic, but why waste additional energy when it’s not going to be efficient. With that said, picking the right size cabin fan according to the size of the area is of utmost importance.

But cabin fans aren’t used for cars exclusively. You can use them in your caravan, RV, camp, and any other small place that needs ventilation. Their compact design makes them portable, and their advanced motors make them very efficient and silent-working. That being said, improve your experience when out in the Australian outback by driving around in your car with proper ventilation.

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