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How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Midlife

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How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Midlife

Women experience sudden and dramatic changes in physiology once they reach menopause. When men reach andropause, the changes in their body are gradual. Some might even say insidious because while women have many indicators as to what is happening to their bodies, men get little to no notice. You had your mojo going and then you simply lost it.

You must be aware that the time when you and your partner discovered sexuality is far behind, but this doesn’t mean you expect your sexual activity to dwindle down. And is not just the sex life. Aging in men leads to a drop in testosterone levels and this affects several physical symptoms. Not everyone experiences increase in body fat and loss of muscle strength, but having less energy is a big one. It’s typical for men to shake it off as in: ‘I am simply tired because I just did so and so.’ Sometimes motivation and self-confidence are affected as you need more energy than you used to.

And there is nothing wrong in trying harder. You can try to change things up. If your partner is in a similar age group as yourself, both of you may benefit from some extra lubrication. Be prepared to hit the wall though, and be open to alternative solutions to your problem.

testerone supplements

Test Supplements

It’s the way many blokes go these days. Dietary supplements used to be reserved for athletes and bodybuilders, but that has changed. The smoothie these young folks consume daily occasionally contains supplements.

There are sups designed to increase testosterone levels in the body. They affect the overall performance of your body not just sexual stamina. Your body fat should decrease, your muscles should gain strength and you should feel more energized again. Now, if you are new to this, you will probably face some difficulties identifying the testosterone boosters among all the supplements out there. Your safest bet is to check the ingredients of the supplement. If there is ashwagandha root extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana leaf (or powder), Fenugreek, Eurycoma longifolia or D-Aspartic Acid you are looking at a can with traditional test booster supplements with a track record.

These sups are made to aid muscle strength and recovery, to provide antioxidant support, to increase the bioavailable testosterone, and to affect your sex drive. That is all great but do testosterone supplements really work? There is evidence which suggests that taking test boosters is a helpful treatment for hypogonadism (when your body no longer produces testosterone on its own). Many people have found taking these dietary supplements useful. Beware though as side effects such as shrinking of testicles, enlarged breasts and sleep apnea are reported too.

You will probably need to introduce test booster supplements like any other supps – in small doses until you determine whether your body is sensitive to them.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Men over 40 tend to loosen up regarding physical activity. This is especially detrimental to testosterone levels in the body because physical exercise is one of the natural ways to get a boost. Nobody expects of you to dash off and run a marathon without losing a beat. It’s not impossible to do such feats, but it’s less likely.

If you haven’t done anything like it until now, you may feel like it’s too late to start. Do your best to shatter those ideas. It’s never too late to start a healthy habit unless you decide it is so.

On the other side of the spectrum are those who used to regularly go to the gym, but now simply can’t keep up the tempo. Getting a test boost can potentially help you. Or maybe you need to consider changing your exercise routine to include the level of stress that is appropriate for your body. There is no reason why any healthy man can’t do squats, pull-ups, and dead-lifts in their mature age. It all comes down to the attitude you have towards your goals. The body can be primed in weeks, not less than six weeks. But after that, you should feel the benefits of engaging in regular physical activity.

And it doesn’t have to be the gym either. If you want the outdoors, go for a long hike. If you have kids, let them wear you out playing foolish games. There are so many things you can do in the bush to get fit while enjoying yourself.

meal plan

Meal Plan

Loss of energy can often be a symptom of body issues which may be a result of unhealthy dietary habits. Maybe your body is no longer able to degrade sugar as it used to, or your body dynamics have changed with age. Whatever the cause, you will benefit from sticking to a healthy meal plan.

This one is hard to nail. We are all forced to juggle many responsibilities. If it’s not work, it’s the kids. And if the car is fine, the house needs maintenance. Bottom line is, time comes at a premium and sometimes opting for fast food is the easy way out. Especially if your wife or partner has her hands full of work, too.

Fortunately, you can subscribe to a performance meal plan to make eating healthy easy and accessible. We are talking about a planned distribution of workout meals aimed at delivering healthy sustenance. The only thing you should do is choose from a list of available meals. You will have them ready to eat in minutes. You also won’t need to practice portion control because they can be tailored around your recommended daily calorie intake.

These types of performance meal plans include high-quality foods that will assist with post-workout recovery. In essence, you need to choose a total of 14 meals (to the likes of beef Stroganoff, chicken with rice and beans, pork noodles etc).

Having your workout meals ready serves to eliminate one of the excuses for not taking care of your body. And you should be able to notice a difference. Between the test supps, your physical exercise and improved diet, your body will have no choice but to comply and give you that much-needed energy boost.

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