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The Importance of Monitoring the Optimal Air Humidity


The Importance of Monitoring the Optimal Air Humidity

As a warehouse manager, providing a safe environment for your workers should be your top priority. And while the working environment can be improved by organising your warehouse better, there are certain pieces of equipment you can purchase, to prevent things like mould – which can greatly impact the health of your workers’ respiratory system. People with allergies and especially people with asthma are going to have their health compromised if mould is present in their working environment.

Air testing equipment is not only beneficial to have at a commercial setting, but can also find its use in many residential buildings where humidity levels need to be at an optimum level. Materials like concrete, sheetrock, wood and paper contain a certain level of moisture that’s a key part of their composition. However, too much of it could pose as a serious problem.

When using a humidity meter indoors, make sure to take readings multiple times a day, so you can figure out the general patterns in moisture, as they vary throughout the entire day. Most modern models are available in 3-in-1 for added flexibility. When buying air testing equipment, something to take into consideration is the means of powering.

Electronic models require one AAA or AA battery to operate. As long as they’re turned off while not in use, a single battery can last you up to half a year. There are also some models that use rechargeable batteries.

However, you also may opt for a battery-free model. These models use a needle gauge to report readings and are ideal for situations where sensitive readings are conducted, like soil readings. These are also cheaper and can be found in many gardening stores.

When it comes to the features, electronic models are known for providing accurate, digital readings. They can measure up to 8 types of gases and perform real time continuous data logging. Some models also have PC software and wireless communication with remote and computer printers, which is extremely useful if you want to print the data you are scanning. Depending on the model, you may find a different combination of features, all of which can be accessed by the easy to use menu system.

To conclude, everyone who needs optimum humidity levels in residential and commercial settings should always have an air testing equipment at their disposal. The many models and wide price range make them affordable for everyone, helping people to save tons of money they’d spend on repairing damages. Better safe than sorry.

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