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How Do Industrial Trolleys Boost the Efficiency of a Warehouse


How Do Industrial Trolleys Boost the Efficiency of a Warehouse

erating an active and full to the brim warehouse involves a great number of challenges. How to maintain a fast working pace without overburdening your workers? What is the best way to manage the logistics in order to ensure the work flows without any stops. These are just a couple organizational problems you are bound to face if you’re responsible for the operations in a warehouse.

But since warehouse work mainly consists out of lifting, carrying and moving heavy loads, it’s easy to figure out the best way you can solve these problems and boost productivity.

Quality industrial trolleys are the centrepiece of warehouse equipment. The faster you load and transport items, the more efficient the running of your business will be. And trolleys allow you to transport unmovable heavy items with ease, or multiple boxes at a time. As a result, these pieces of equipment help you to significantly reduce loading and transporting times, which doubles the work accomplished resulting in greater productivity and higher revenues.

Of course, different warehouses would need different types of industrial trolleys specific to their primary occupation. For instance, warehouses of pharmaceutical companies would best benefit from drum trolleys that can carry potentially dangerous chemicals. Actually any kind of factory that works with hazardous materials housed in drums should use a drum trolley for safety and health reasons.

For small loads, a simple hand trolley could do just fine. Hand trolleys are made of two-wheels, a strongly-made back and a small base on which to load things. They are used in small warehouses for transporting loads not heavier than 250kg over short distances. When it’s not used, this trolley can be folded flat and stored away. Platform trolleys, on the other hand, are built to support heavier loads between 250-500 kgs. The addition of a cage in this type of trolley, can protect the load from toppling over and prevent accidents from happening. Delicate items like glass, for instance, are usually transported with this kind of trolley.

Multiple tier trolleys or also called shelf trolleys can allow you to transport several different classes of items and separate them to avoid confusion. Warehouses stocking loads heavier than 500 kgs, can benefit from motorized trolleys which eliminate the need to push and thus save energy and manpower. These trolleys are engine powered, and some models even allow a person to sit in them.

Besides promoting a faster working pace and increasing the productivity of a warehouse, trolleys can also reduce work-related injuries. According to the most recent findings of Safe Work Australia, injury and musculoskeletal disorders made up 90% of serious claims for incapacity that results in absence from work for one week or more. These figures further push the need to use trolleys which reduce muscle stress from carrying heavy loads and prevent any injuries to the skeletal system.

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