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Kitchen Utensils That Every Restaurant Needs


Kitchen Utensils That Every Restaurant Needs

To operate a restaurant efficiently you need to have a kitchen that is fully equipped with all the essential tools. Fortunately, today more than ever before, you can find real quality and affordable kitchen utensils both online and in brick and mortar shops. This is great because it means anyone will be able to equip their kitchen properly no matter their budget.

However, before you even start shopping you need to make a list of the cooking utensils you need. Another important thing to pay attention to, is finding the right place to shop. Yes, there are plenty of suppliers that offer a wide array of kitchen utensils online, but it’s vital to choose the one that offers high quality products at affordable prices. Once you find the right retailer, here is a short list of the kitchen utensils you should look for.


These pieces of kitchen utensils are a must for all types of kitchen tasks. Thus, make sure you buy plenty of them in different sizes and styles designed to suit different purposes.

Spatulas to scrape, mix and blend

This term in the world of kitchen tools is used for several types of kitchen utensils including silicone or rubber tools to scrape or blend the food. Depending on the food in your restaurant, the chef will be grateful to have a least a couple of silicone or rubber spatulas. Because there will be different kinds of food that will need to be baked and cooked, you will need to purchase a few different sizes and styles of spatulas.

Flippers to remove, turn and lift

Just like for all kitchen tools, you can also browse for these kitchen utensils online and choose from the vast array of products. They are similar to spatulas, the main difference being that they are not used for blending, but for turning and lifting eggs, hamburgers, and other types of food. They can be made of plastic or metal and are quite handy for placing the food in a hot skillet and turning it when needed. They are also adequate for serving dessert portions or main dishes. Practical for different tasks, your kitchen will require an assortment of different styles and sizes of flippers.


Since the staff in your kitchen will need to prepare food for more than one person, you will need more than one grater in different sizes and shapes. These are very versatile tools since one grater can be used for fruit or vegetable, while another one to grate cheese. Choose flat models of graters as these take up less storage space. However, it is important to choose the right size and model that will be the most practical for your needs.

Serving tongs

These tools give you the ability to easily grab and move larger food items to a hot skillet, serving platter or deep fryer. They are designed in a way to provide a better grip. Therefore, the longer the tongs are – the better, especially when used at the barbecue, in a large stock pot or with a deep fryer. Going through the range of serving tongs, you will find a lot of different styles and sizes. Some have heat resistant and non-scratching silicone or rubberized handles for a better grip.

Measuring cups

In order to perfectly make the recipes, the chef needs to put the proper amount of ingredients which is done much easier when using measuring cups. Proper measurement is crucial for getting the most out of a recipe. For that reason, choose the type and style of measuring cups according to your needs and let your chef do his magic.

To sum up, no matter whether you’re buying kitchen utensils online or offline, the crucial thing is to get the right ones for your needs. Make sure they are of high quality and won’t cost you a fortune. Bon appetit!

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