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Olight: Handy Accessories for Incredible Flashlights


Olight: Handy Accessories for Incredible Flashlights

People have depended on portable light sources since the dawn of time, and while for centuries they relied on the somewhat unreliable torches, things changed in the 19th century with the introduction of flashlight technology. Bulbs went through plenty of alterations to get to the reliable LED designs of today, and one brand that particularly stands out with this is Olight.

Even though back in 2006 when they started out they were mainly focused on durable and powerful outdoor lights, they later moved on to creating tactical and hunting flashlights too. Moreover, they don’t disappoint in the department of handy flashlight accessories either which is our main subject of discussion in this blog post.

Colour Filtering Accessories

picture of a person stading in the wild pointing a flashlight in the sky
source: Felix Mittermeier on pexels

A colour filter is the type of accessory that can modify the light beam of the flashlight. The different options of these accessories that Olight offers, like red, blue and green, all serve different purposes.

  • Red filters are great for night-time hiking and map reading to avoid eye strain as they help your eyes adjust better to the dark, as well as for recreational hunting since some animals can’t see the red light. Some of these are rabbits, foxes, and feral goats.
  • Blue filters are just as handy for outdoor enthusiasts as they are for crime scene investigations because they assist with navigation and tracking biological fluids. They’re helpful with some outdoor activities too, in the example of fishing.
  • Green filters are intense and especially useful for low-light conditions like when you’re out in the fog. Green light also happens to be a balance between both red and blue.
  • These types of Olight flashlight accessories are created to be easy to use which is why there is the cone design they are fixed in that ensures the filter secures to a flashlight.

Lastly, you also have the option of a light diffuser which the brand created for spreading or scattering the ray of light from your chosen flashlight. Available in translucent and semi-transparent versions, diffusers are useful for softening the beam and reducing glare.

Protective Case Accessories

picture of a flashlight in a case accessories beside a pen

Olight flashlights aren’t just any kind of flashlight you can buy and store wherever you see fit. Sure, they’re affordable, but they are beautifully designed too, and that calls for proper storage. No matter what you buy them for, getting a suitable casing for them is just as important as carefully choosing their features.

This is what makes these Olight accessories essential. Same as there are various options of flashlight designs you can shop from, there are different types of cases you can pick from too, all differing in their sizes, compartments, and materials. From the compact models with reinforced shells and wrist straps for easy carrying of your small Olight flashlights and their batteries and chargers to the bulkier and hard-shell models with foam inserts created to keep the flashlight contents safe and sound, there are several products you can choose from. The smaller ones can be re-purposed since they’re compact, resembling cute wallets or bags you can carry around for storing money, USB, keys, or even some makeup like lipsticks.

Mounting Accessories

picture of an Olight flashlight mount accessorie on a rock

If you’re into tactical and weapon use of flashlights, you know how mounting can sometimes be a daunting task. This is especially true if you have the wrong kind of mounts that aren’t user-friendly and are of poor quality. Apart from specialising in coming up with compact lights that have exceptional throw and beam, Olight also delivers greatly with the incredible mounting flashlight accessories.

With features such as self-adhesive pads added to protect the flashlights by tightly securing them, such mounts also impress by allowing you to increase or decrease the thickness depending on the flashlight you’re mounting. This is a considerable advantage because it means you can use them with more than one flashlight, so you won’t have to worry if you plan on alternating between compact and large torches.

There are extra accessories you can purchase for weapon mounting, and these are the remote pressure switches. If the gun mount doesn’t make using the flashlight that convenient, you can pair it with one of the useful Olight pressure switches that make operating the LED torch significantly easier. They make low-click noise and impress with their extreme longevity. For optimal compatibility, don’t forget to consider your exact flashlight model and the gun mount it’s used with, plus your type of weapon.

Now the last one isn’t weapon-related and that’s the pocket clip. Although most advanced flashlights that Olight offers are equipped with this handy feature, some bulkier designs don’t have it which is where the clip comes to the rescue. Compact yet sturdy, and lightweight, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them on your jeans’ pockets. They’re just as easily used on backpack pockets and compartments which further proves they make for a great investment.

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