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What Qualities to Look for in BMX Shoes


What Qualities to Look for in BMX Shoes

Having a comfortable pair of shoes when you’re out riding your bike can be very beneficial and it can even help you get better in less time. However, there are plenty of options and finding the right pair for you might be more complicated than you think. So let’s go through the factors that are the most important for finding the right BMX bike shoes.


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The durability of your shoes is determined by the material they are made out of and the construction. The material will determine how tough the shoes are and how heavy they are as well. The most common durable material used for making bmx bike shoes is natural and composite leather. Construction wise, you should look for shoes that have heavy duty stitching and won’t come apart so easily. How often you ride your bike will also have an impact on how long your shoes will last, but good quality shoes should last at least a year of extensive riding.


This is a very important factor for finding the right shoes. In order to retain the durability of the shoe and still have it be lightweight, you need to find the balance between the two. Having extra durable shoes might keep your feet safe, but you wont be able to move much in the first place. The key to finding the right lightweight and durable bmx bike shoes is to find ones that had a lot of thought put into the stitching as that way only the minimum amount of material is used, yet it is held together tightly. This is only possible with high-tech materials and that is why pricier shoes are usually lighter. However, don’t let the word „lightweight“ fool you as quality cycling shoes are designed to be light, but also stiff and this combo is what makes for efficient pedalling.


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Making sure that the pair you buy is comfortable will ensure that you spend more time riding. If the shoes don’t fit well, they will only cause discomfort and might even lead you to crash. To ensure comfort, look for shoes that have plenty of padding on the insides as that way the material can absorb the vibrations coming from your bike. It’s also very important that your shoes offer enough breathability as this feature will keep your feet cool and fresh for longer. Finally, don’t forget to ensure you’re getting shoes the soles of which are designed to be compatible with a clipless pedal cleat.

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