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Bike Sheds: Keep Your Bike Safe and Protected

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Bike Sheds: Keep Your Bike Safe and Protected

Just like every object in your house has a dedicated place, your bike needs that as well. But cyclists who own more bikes or families who enjoy cycling may find it hard to find the space to store their bikes. It’s totally irresponsible to leave them outside and they can create a massive mess inside. Is there a more practical solution to keep bikes in front of your office? Yes, there is. The answer is bike sheds.

Why You Need a Bike Storage Shed?

Owning a special shed for your bikes offers several key advantages over other solutions for bike storage like racks and stands.

Protects Your Bike from Thieves

Since thieves usually target the bikes that they can see, storing your bike in a shed makes it harder to access, which means it’s also harder to steal. You’ve invested money in your bike so it would be a shame to leave it poorly secured on the porch. Highly-secured sheds represent another challenge for the thieves so it might be easier for them to give up.


Protects Your Bike from the Elements

It’s not a big deal leaving your bike outside for several days but it shouldn’t be a permanent storing solution. Depending on the condition of your bike and the place where you live, the bike components are going to start degrading sooner or later. Especially in rainy or humid places, bikes tend to corrode more quickly. This will take more time in high-end bikes but why leave your bike out on purpose when you can protect it?

Gives You Extra Storage Space

Using a bike storage shed means that you won’t have to keep your bikes in your yard, garage, or hallway anymore. They’ll have their own spot and you won’t have to worry whether they’re going to make a mess or take up room. Plus, it’ll keep your house clutter-free because everything will be organised as it’s supposed to be.

Keeps All of the Bike Accessories in One Place

Oftentimes, when we don’t have enough space for storing all of the things together, we scatter them in various places and make it harder for ourselves to find them when we need something. You can keep all of the bike accessories with the bike and they’ll be easily accessible. Also, it gives you easier access to the bike itself since you wouldn’t have to move through the other things, like when keeping your bike in a garage.

All of these benefits make the shed a necessity. You can find a quality bike storage shed that you can afford because its price varies according to the size and material, and many stores offer sales or discounts.

Types of Bike Storage Sheds and Which One to Choose?

Sheds are typically made of plastic, metal, or wood. Each has its pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which one you like or need for your bike. They come in a variety of designs and many manufacturers allow you to customise them according to your needs.

Wooden Bike Sheds


These sheds are the traditional type because the first ones were made out of wood. What’s most attractive about them is that they’re flexible. They can be designed to fit any surrounding, and since that’s usually the garden, wooden sheds just blend in perfectly. They are the easiest to improve and repair in case of damage and wood is a strong material that can take a lot. Plus, they’re considered to be environmentally friendly, which, of course, depends on the type of wood used. These sheds are relatively cheap and you can even build them yourself if you enjoy DIY projects.

One of the disadvantages is that wood needs a lot of attention to keep it in a good shape. It needs to be re-treated, protected against insects, and there’s a risk of rodents and rot. Also, wood isn’t hard to break in, so you would need to take additional steps to increase the security of your bike shed. If you think this is the best material for you, choose high-quality sheds, even if that means a higher price. If you think about all the improvements that you’re going to have to make on a poorly designed but cheap shed, it’s more cost-efficient to go with a stronger build from the beginning.

Metal Bike Sheds


Just like metal garden sheds, metal bike sheds are the preferred ones for most people because of their robust build. Compared to the other materials, metal provides a higher level of security and the sheds usually come fully equipped, so there’s no need for additional costs on security measures.

The special type of metal used for making sheds puts up well with all kinds of weather conditions and holds its shape for a long time. It doesn’t rust and it’s insect and rodent-resistant. To be sure, always read the specifications on the metal shed to make sure that it’s been treated properly.

Metal bike storage sheds are easy to maintain because a simple wash with water will do. What’s more, they’re easy to assemble. Some can be even bought pre-assembled and allow to be moved around your garden.

The thing that can deter some people from buying metal sheds is their look. Metal doesn’t allow to be customised as much as wood does, and it wouldn’t be the best solution for those who prefer an aesthetically pleasing yard. However, today’s colorbond metal sheds have more attractive designs and colours, so you can pick a model that can complement your exterior beautifully.

Plastic Bike Sheds


Plastic sheds are relatively new on the market. They’re very light, which makes them the easiest to transport. They aren’t expensive, contain a few parts that make assembling a breeze, and don’t rot or rust. With modern technologies, plastic is made stronger and stronger, which makes it more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

You can customise them but most plastic sheds look unattractive and compared to metal or wood, they aren’t so tough no matter their construction. Also, security might not be on a high level in these sheds so if you decide to get a plastic bike storage shed, look for models that are reinforced with metal or other material for greater security.

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