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High Bar Stools: Give Your Kitchen a Stylish Upgrade

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High Bar Stools: Give Your Kitchen a Stylish Upgrade

The kitchen is the space where you can spend a lot of quality time with your family. If you’re used to cooking together and socialising, you need to optimise the space for greater functionality. Bar stools are the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. They infuse style and provide function. They can easily transform the look of your kitchen and provide more seating space.

However, as is with most things, to ensure you buy the right bar stools for your kitchen, there are some things that need to be considered.

Choose the Right Height for Your Bar Stools

Probably the most important thing you need to do is measure the height from the counter or bench to the floor, so you know how high the stools should be. Knowing the exact height will help you choose faster and better, especially when you’re buying furniture online. There’s a great variety of high bar stools to complement your space and measuring right can save you some time and money. Not everything that’s labelled “bar stool” will work well for your space.


There should be some space between the stools and, ideally, they should fit under the counter when not in use. For this reason, there shouldn’t be any awkward legs sticking out that can cause someone to trip. Also, you need to take into account that there should be room for the people’s legs so they can sit comfortably. The feet of an average person should be able to rest on the ground when sitting and it should be easy to get on and off the chair. You don’t want too high stools so you’ll have to climb on them and you don’t want them to be too low either.

When it comes to the spacing, you can place one or two for sure if that’s how many you need. But if you want to use up all of the available space, the stool and the counter’s width need to be considered. Usually, about 20cm is enough space between the chairs for free movement. Bear in mind that bulkier kitchen bar stools with arms take up more space.

Consider Their Function

You need to think about the function of the stools. Will you use them primarily for seating and practicality is your priority? Or do you care more about the design and they’ll serve as a fashion addition to the kitchen? If you are looking for comfort, you need stools with arms, upholstery, and non-slip materials. If you’re prioritising flexibility, backless or swivel stools are a good idea.


No matter the function, you don’t want uncomfortable stools for sure, even if you don’t plan to use them for a longer period. Why denying yourself comfort when you can easily have everything that you need? Maybe not for yourself but no one would say no to a good chair, even just for two minutes. Sometimes, guests might want to join you while your cook or your kids can do their homework on the counter. Consider every possibility before deciding on the bar stools for your home.

Consider the Different Designs

Nowadays, for every design that you imagine, there’ll be a bar stool to match it. Typically, there are several different designs of high bar stools that you need to be acquainted with.

Backless Bar Stools

Probably the simplest design that we’ve all seen in bars and kitchens. They’re the easiest ones for putting away when you don’t use them and are perfect for minimal kitchen design. But may not be the right ones for prolonged seating because they can’t give you the needed support.


Bar Stools with Arm Rests

They’re usually the most comfortable ones because they follow the shape of your seating position and provide support for your arms. They’re wider than the other designs and you need to look for armrests that can slide under the counter. You wouldn’t want them to bump into the counter and stay pulled out even when not in use.

White kitchen with bar stools with arm rest

Swivel Bar Stools

This is the most flexible option. It’s easy to choose them because you won’t have to pay much attention to the height of the stools since they can be adjusted. They allow for easy movement but may not be the most suitable option for smaller children. They don’t have the steadiness that’s required for children for safe seating and getting up.


Upholstered Bar Stools

These stools should be your choice if you plan to spend more time on them. They’re certainly more comfortable than the non-cushioned ones. They’re a great way to bring texture into the design of your kitchen and allow you to play around with different materials. If you’re worried about spills, choose materials that are easy to wipe and clean, like Crypton fabric, vinyl, or leather. Some seat pads can be detached and washed as well. Also, upholstered high stools prevent the stool from bumping against the counter edge. Many hardback stools can damage the counter, especially if they’re swivel style stools.

beautiful kitchen island with upholstered Bar Stools

As mentioned, you can find a stool in any design you need but it needs to complement the overall style of the kitchen. You can go for traditional or modern bar stools, rustic or industrial. If they’re more visible, like in open-concept spaces, they need to match the material and design of the other elements in the kitchen. If wooden pieces prevail, you might want to go with wooden stools that bring warmth and go well with traditional and country style.

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