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Spring’s Our Guest: Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Space

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Spring’s Our Guest: Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Space

With spring being in full bloom and summer slowly starting to show signs of life, nothing beats coming home from a long and tiresome day at work and having a glass of Carlton on the bar besides the pool. But as much as I love doing this, a few days ago I realized I need to replace my outdoor bar stools as they are starting to show their wear; plus I kinda have a different taste now.

And while I may not be an expert in outdoor bar stools, I’ve been in plenty bars to know which ones I like and which ones I absolutely hate. But the thing is, I can’t be selfish here and think of my needs only, I have to consider the ones of those around me as well, i.e. my family.

But generally speaking, outdoor bar stools should be made of materials that are weather resistant and durable to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Even though you’ll be using them in the spring and summer time mostly, don’t go for cheap and low quality materials.

The legs of the bar stool are of utmost importance – since they’re quite long, they have to be very strong. You don’t want to fall off from 1 meter height and risk injuirng yourself, right? Avoid the plastic ones as these are easily breakable and instead go for materials like hardwood or aluminium. You also have to think about whether you want your stools to have footrests or not. Footrests may be a huge deal breaker for some people. Are you one of them?

As for the seating, most outdoor bar stools come with cushions for extra comfort. Besides comfort, the cushion should be designed well and match the size of the seat of the stool. Nylon covers are great for the outdoors because they’re extremely durable and can withstand different weather elements. Being mold and water resistant is a huge advantage as you won’t have to replace them that often. The filling is also important – feather filled cushions are usually softer and more comfortable. However, if you are looking for stiffer options, foam or any other type of synthetic filling is also suitable.

The stool should offer proper back support since you might be spending a lot of time on it while bonding with friends or family. Adults won’t want to sit on backless stools for a long time, and kids may easily fall off. So no matter how comfortable the seating is, if you start feeling back pain, you’d be better off standing, which will make your bar stools useless. So, make sure to bear all these considerations in mind to choose stools that will be of good use.

Besides the materials the stool is made from, the style is also of great importance. Since you’re going to buy them for outdoor purposes, you should try matching them with the style of your bar or patio. If you’re unsure of what fits your outdoor space best, you can always rely on industrial style bar stools as these are very versatile and can blend with almost every style.


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