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RC Trucks Vs. Buggies – Which One Is the Best Choice for You?


RC Trucks Vs. Buggies – Which One Is the Best Choice for You?

Having to choose between a buggy and a truck can be tricky if you don’t determine your wants and needs upfront. What is even more difficult is if you are considering getting one for someone else – let’s say you’re shopping for your child and you have no clue what will surprise him most. Of course, there are some differences that set these two RC vehicles apart, but their use can sometimes confuse newbies, so it’s important to know where you want to use your new toy and what for. Their form is the major difference between these vehicles, but it is only one of the many things you’ll need to consider when making a decision.

These are big and powerful vehicles that are meant to be ridden through sand and muddy terrain. Trucks are a bit slower than buggies due to their bulkier and heavier form, but that makes them better at bashing. Plus, they are more durable than buggies when it comes to sustaining impacts and crashes. Remote control RC trucks are easier to handle and do not swerve as much. And although they are meant for off-roading, a short course truck can be used on the grass as well.

Although it is the tougher vehicle, an RC truck won’t be able to perform well in all kinds of terrain – it’s not as versatile as the buggy and it can’t keep up the same power and speed when racing as well as it does it when going uphill. RC trucks are bad at drifting and are not meant for someone who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of mud and dirt on their vehicle or someone who cleans it every time they give it a quick ride. Quick and sharp turns are trucks’ kryptonite – they can flip over easily despite being heavy if you turn at the right angle. In other words, fast-paced tricks are a no-no.

Remote control RC trucks

Although there are some off-road models, unlike remote control RC trucks, buggies are meant for fast driving, meaning that they are mostly used for racing as they can make quick and sharp turns. This is all thanks to their lightweight body, which is usually made from a material called ‘lexan’. Buggies are made to be driven in various terrains, making them the perfect fit for the adventurous type of person who wants to explore different landscapes. They are usually a cheaper option from trucks.

Unfortunately, buggies are prone to cracks as they cannot sustain impacts and crashes as well as trucks can and their performance is based on their overall use on different terrains. The buggy is not very good at a specific type of driving and it is also not very easy to handle – if you are just starting out, it’s best to get the cheapest model and use it indoors so it doesn’t get scuffed as much or completely trashed on the second day out. The main thing to remember is that you won’t be able to use it for a lot of bush bashing or pothole ramming.

RC Buggies

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