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The Importance of Emergency Lights – Things to Consider When Installing Them


The Importance of Emergency Lights – Things to Consider When Installing Them

Every commercial building has to feature a safety system in an event of a fire or any other type of emergency. Most people don’t think clearly in times of an emergency, even those who have a complete understanding of the construction of the building they’re in, let alone strangers. For that reason, marking your exit light with emergency lights is of utmost importance, so that everyone can find their way out even when the premises is filled with smoke or is in complete darkness.

exit light with emergency light

State regulations cover the electrical safety features on your company’s premises, which also includes exit signs and all the lights attached to them. Read up on AS 2293 Set-2005 Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs to find out the particularities around the regulations in your state regarding letter size and illumination. Additionally, all exit light with emergency lights need to be wired to a standby generator to make sure the signs stay powered even during blackouts.

Frequent inspections to ensure the emergency lights are properly working and that they point in the right direction are essential. Electrical maintenance should also include replacing light bulbs inside the sign, both external and internal. Additionally, the power supply attached to these lights should also be properly inspected and maintained regularly. Furthermore, maintenance should include lubricating moving parts, topping off fuel tanks, and cleaning the area around the generator itself.

The signs should be fixed securely on the walls, and the fasteners should be inspected regularly to ensure they aren’t loose. The law states that all emergency signs should be capable of working for at least an hour and a half before going out. Moreover, the placement of the exit signs is an important part of their design. You should make sure they aren’t obstructed by any object whatsoever, and that nearby doors and moving objects don’t cover them at any time. Any large door that may look like an exit door should have a sign stating that it isn’t an exit door in order to avoid confusion.

All of this is extremely important when an emergency arises. Not only are you going to potentially save lives, but you can also get insurance discounts if your business complies with the safety regulations. Moreover, you avoid lawsuits, considering the fact that people sue for all kinds of things nowadays. Plus, you will have evidence that you took logical precautions and that you abide by all safety rules and regulations.

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